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***Wickedly Simple Core Crushers***

Now that I have your attention let us get started.

It’s fair to say people desire a nice strong core.

The big question people often have though it this one:

How do I get a strong core, crunches?

Now crunches have a place in training, they’re not the devil people make them out to be, however they’re far from the best movement you could be doing.

Today I have 6 simple core crushing methods for you.

1 – Inch Worms

Bend down, touch your toes, walk your hands out as far as possible (try to finish with your arms fully extended overhead).

Sets of 3-5 reps will do you justice.

2 – Lizard Crawling

Keep your chest as close to the floor as possible and crawl to your hearts content.

Sets of 20m is surprisingly effective.

3 – Turkish Get Ups

A full body movement that punishes a weak core.

Sets of 2-3 reps each arm will be quite the challenge.

4 – Awkward Object Clean & Press

Find a sand bag, slosh pipe (this is a brutal bit of kit), log, anchor or whatever is tricky to hold and proceed to clean and press it.

An object half your bodyweight is a good start.

Go for as many reps as you can in say 20min for a surprisingly effective little session.

5 – L-sits

A classic gymnastic movement that is far harder than it looks.

Saes of 10seconds will prove enough for most people, once you’re stronger add 5 seconds, keep adding time until you get to say 60second because if you can hold an L-sit that long you’ll have an iron clad core.

6 – Diaphragmatic Breathing

Less a training session and more a consideration for daily life.

Learning to breath correctly will not only fortify your core, it will also help lower stress levels and make your posture better as well.

There you have it, some different ways to train your core.

It’s also worth noting that you can have the strongest core in the world and not have ‘abs’ because those are down to your nutrition choices.

I wonder how many people will try the above over the classic Instagram nonsense, if it’s just one then I can die a happy man.


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9 Reasons Bottoms Up (BU) Kettlebell Work is Awesome

*You’d do well to use a bell at least one size lighter than normal for your strict press (ideally 12-16kg for all, if this is too heavy for you then avoid BU work for the time being and just get stronger)
1 – It teaches you tension throughout your entire body.
2 – You need to mater the weight, the balance, the feel and connecting your body as a unit before you can even move a single step or attempt a press.
3 – The positive crossover to your pressing form is well worth the ego check.
4 – Hitting some solid reps in either the clean, press, rack walk (BU) waiters walk, windmill, TGU etc, all look pretty cool.
5 – Strengthens grip-glutes-core better than most other movements.
6 – Perfect for GTG and deload work.
7 – You will learn which arm is your weaker one, as such you lift with that one first and then match the reps you achieve with the strong arm.
8 – It allows you to get in a good session even if you’ve got limited weights (KB’s).
9 – Apart from all the strength, stability and coordination gains you’ll get, this way of lifting is good fun.
Here is are a few little complexes to try 2-3 times per week.
Complex 1 – Ladder set 1,2,3,4,5 – repeat 3-5 times each arm
A1 – BU Clean
A2 – BU Press
A3 – BU Squat
A4 – BU Rack Walk
^^ You can progress this one to using two bells.
Complex 2 – 2-3 reps per arm – 20-40min total
A1 – BU Clean
A2 – BU Press
A3 – BU Windmill
A4 – BU Waiter Walk
Complex 3 – 1 rep per arm – static hold each position for 10 seconds tops – 20-30min total
A1 – BU Clean to Rack Hold
A2 – BU 1/4 Press Position
A3 – BU 1/2 Press Position
A4 – BU 3/4 Press Position
A5 – BU Press Lock Out Hold
A6 – BU 3/4 Press Position
A7 – BU 1/2 Press Position
A8 – BU 1/4 Press Position
A9 – BU Rack Hold
*Finish with some swings or snatches each session 100-200 reps.
**You’d also do well to think about ‘pulling’ the weight down in the lowering element of the press, squats and windmills.

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You Need to Press More.

We all love a good Bench Press, however it’s far more impressive to put a heavy weight over your head and all in all you will be far stronger because of it.

In the average gym there is the milestone of hitting 100kg or 220lbs, many strive to do this and most of them hit that magical target, however you will often find that these same people struggle to press 60kg or 135lbs over their head with good form for one rep… shocking.
While it is common to Bench Press more than your can Press having such a large strength deficit between the two can lead to some serious imbalances and eventually injuries if the proper precautions are not taken.
There are lots of benefits to pressing a heavy weight over your head, here are some of them:

– Mass & Strength builder: excellent form of overload to build shoulders, traps and triceps.

– Plateau buster in the bench press: One of the best ways to build a strong bench press is to train overhead pressing . Because of various strength imbalances that lead to neural inhibitions, your bench press progress is often stalled until you spend time on the overhead press. Much like your upper back strength and your dealift, if you have a weak upper back your brain will tell your body (hands) it can’t handle the weight and you won’t be able to fire enough Motor Units to lift it.

– Long term shoulder health: Training only the bench press is often the cause of many shoulder problems, basically leading to lots of internal rotation and overpowered front delts.

– Great for strengthening the lower back and deeper core/stability muscles.

Overhead pressing is also great tool for highlighting weak links in your chain. A weak lower back/core will severely limit how much you can press, well, a weak core will limit your performance on all of the compound lifts.

How much should you be pressing?

Your Press should be roughly 66% of your Bench press, this has been referenced by strength coaches such as Poliquin & Rippitoe.

Another great thought process comes from that of Pavel. He suggests that pressing everyday  is one sure fire way for shoulder health, you’re not going for maximal weight each day, you will be aiming for 15 reps total, this can be in the form os 3×5, 5×3, 1-2-3-4-5 and so on. I would suggest using a Heavy-Medium-Light approach to this and switch up what I am pressing with, for exmaple Dumbbells, barbell, Kettlebell etc. You can also use various pressing variations as well to further improve your pressing ability. Such varations could be the Behind Neck Press, Bottom Up Kettlebell Press, Seesaw Press and so on.

Now go, press daily and make progress.



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