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One heavily contributing factor to your lack of success.

Morning All,
There is a simple explanation for the reason a large chunk of people fail to achieve their desired goal.
If you were to ask them how they should do it, you’d more often than not get back an almost textbook answer of logic, common sense and information that for all intensive purposes would actually work but it didn’t.
Do you want to know why?
It’s simple really. Have a think and see if you can guess…
They didn’t apply what they knew, thus they failed (did you guess correctly).
One of the main factors to success is the application of the knowledge you have or attain. Through application you will be able to find out what actually works for you and what doesn’t.
No one can force you to apply your knowledge or better put, no one can for you to apply yourself in the necessary way needed, only you can do that. It’s your choice, your attitude, it’s all on you.
Before you start thinking “Oh, I would but XYZ.”, just stop it.
You can either apply yourself and do what you need to to or you can’t, it’s that simple. If something gets in the way you can work around it and adapt, or maybe you can’t, only you know what you’re willing to do but you will only know what you’re capable of if you toughen up and apply yourself.
Now go, make a list of what you need to do and DO IT.

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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

You are now 2 steps closer to knowing what people do a their 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat loss.

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.

The third habit however is very different from the first two.

If you’ve read any of my other blogs you will notice that I often speak about trying to learn all you can and to never discount anything until you’ve researched it and tried it, however the third habit of these highly successful people goes against my normal advise… and do you know what?

I think it’s absolutely BRILLIANT!

Here it is:

Habit 3: They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion.

I know right? It seems counter intuitive, but it is the single most brilliant thing I’ve ever really heard.

Lets look at the facts:

– Everyone will have an opinion on the ‘secret’ fat loss formula.
– There are hundreds of diet books with thousands of methods to lose fat.
– The internet is filled with tips, tricks and remedies to aid in shedding the pounds.
– Everyone’s and expert in their own right when it comes to THEIR body. THEIR BODY… not yours.

The last fact will make you giggle

– Everything works to some degree for a certain light of time.

As you can see, with all of the advice floating around it’s ease for people to get confused. Weight watchers works for some, not for others, slimming world is great for Aunt Mavis but not Lady Brenda and the 1000cal diet will certainly help you lose weight but your health won’t be far behind either.

This is why I really really like the third habit of these highly successful people. They know their own mind and stick with what is working for them.

Simply because a new fad piece of advice comes out it doesn’t mean YOU need to listen to it. It’s the old adage: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

If you have been following advice that is working for you then don’t change it until you need to it’s that simple.

Once again this useful habit can be applied to your normal life. A ‘helpful neighbour is offering some advice on how to cut your grass differently for a better result (Perhaps you like your grass the way it is.), you can just say “That’s great advice, I shall bear that in mind.” secretly meaning “That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard and I will never use your advice EVER.”.


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