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3 ways to improve your fitness business form lessons in 90’s pop songs.

To be fair the 90’s and 00’s had some rather ‘interesting’ style music in them.

No more was this apparent than in various pop songs that climbed their way to the No1 spot.

In the UK you’d find some eclectic choices, yet there is something to be learned beyond the flash in the pan that was cargo pants and boy-band curtains.

Starting out one that needs some attention has to be Vogue by Madonna:


Why can this help your fitness business?

Firstly it’s dance routine when the chorus hits has been immortalised in the minds of many now aged teenagers because it was simple enough that with some practice everyone could get it and not look like a total fool doing it.

Steps, S Club 7 and a few others also had this element down.

How is this important?

People like things that they actually think they’ve got a shot at being able to do.

It’s worth remembering that our reach often exceeds our grasp, and while you as the trainer/coach might have a full compliment of skills and heightened body awareness most of your clients won’t.

Thus giving them something too difficult to master will leave them deflated, demotivated and kill their training momentum.

You must avoid this happening at all costs.

Therefor establish their limitations, then put use movements and progressions that while challenging are well within their ability to master, this builds positive forwards momentum that will allow you to have them fail at the more technical lifts/movements without any large negative impact.

In fact the opposite happens in some cases, they start to focus in on that ‘hard’ movement because once they nail it there is a real sense of accomplishment.

Get that planning right in your programming and it will have your clients life expectancy extend (how long they hire you for) extend by what can end up being several years.

Moving on from here we find ourselves at the mercy of the Spice Girls and Say You’ll Be There:

I know, I know.

Odd as it seems there is a very good business lesson you can glean from them.

You see they had their main brand – The Spice Girls.

Inside of this they had a sub-brand or something that appealed to make different people, this of course is the identity of the individual Spice Girls them selves (Sporty, Posh, Ginger, Scary & Baby).

While their music might not have been to your liking, their business model was brilliant.

You can apply a similar method to your business.

Establish the ONE THING you’re known for, your niche as it were, and inside of that you’ll have some sub-niches, for example:

Main Niche – Body Recomposition
Sub-Niche 1: Competitive Body Builders (amateur and/or aspiring pro, or perhaps Pro)
Sub-Niche 2: Fat Loss for Improved Health, GP Referral
Sub-Niche 3: 10-12 Week Transformations for Special Events – Weddings, Holidays, making Ex’s Jealous
Sub-Niche 4: Basic Body Building/Recomposition Seminars for Beginners
Sub-Niche 5: Female Only Body Recomposition (deep understanding of hormones, cycles, etc)

You can see the overall sub-niche’ still links to the main niche.

While there is nothing wrong with being a once trick pony, having some other talents won’t go amiss.

This brings us to the last way in which 90’s pop songs can improve your fitness business.

Will Smith, Men in Black:

As far as songs go it was… okay.

The film had its moments though.

When it comes to a business lesson, this actually comes from the man himself, Will.

I remember listening to an interview where he was talking about his success and how it all came from nothing. He got offered an opportunity and he went for it, he took a leap of faith essentially even though he didn’t know if it would be a success or a flop.

This is something all trainers/coaches can learn from.

It’s safe to say Will Smith has one of the most indomitable work ethics, and it’s something that he has also cultivated through making a choice to hone his craft and not give up when life got tough.

A lot of us will give up all too quickly, it’s why so many rarely earn a good lining in fitness.

There needs to be a solid vision in place whereby you need to have focus to push for more, for better than currently is or has been, and that’s tough.

You need to desire to truly make a difference, an impact, a change.

It’ll mean getting your ego in check, embracing the chance that shit will hit the fan and when it does learning from it while still finding a way to move forwards because you’ve made the choice to do that.

Do you want your fitness business to be the same as every other fitness business out there or do you want to be better?

Your journey in the fitness business realm doesn’t need to be a straight line, you can deviate, add various skills to your repertoire, look at Mr Smith, he’s what’s called a triple threat (sining, dancing & acting), you can be this in fitness (programming, nutrition, life coaching).

Many think they’re a fitness triple threat, they’re not, trust me.

To master even one area can take many years when trying to do it alone, a shortcut that many refuse to take is that of hiring a mentor or coach of their own.

Seek out someone who is a master in a field, learn form them and you’ll half your time to mastery.

Or don’t if you feel you know better (you don’t by the way).

It’s the one thing all of the above had in common, they had help in the form of people they could learn from along the way, as did almost every other truly successful person out there. Keep this in mind and don’t be like every other fitness professional out there that thinks they know better and can do it all on their own because like them you’ll probably fail too.

I made that mistake and would rather you didn’t.

Anyway, hopefully this random ramble will give you some food for thought.

Please feel free to fire across any questions.


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Answers of the Past

Morning Guys,

What was your favourite subject as School?

Mine was PE, but for the purpose of this post we shall imagine it was History. Not that I didn’t like History, I just found PE more fun.

If there was one thing I learnt from History lessons though it was that there have been literally hundreds of thousands of people that have either done what you’re attempting to do or failed at what you’re about to do in the exact same way you’re about to do it.

This humbling lesson seems to be ignored by a great many people who seem to think they will be the one to make the failed attempt a success through the exact same methods that didn’t work the first time around.

*Face Palm.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for self realisation and learning things the hard way because that might be the way you need to learn said lesson, however, some common sense, logic and research in to the past will hep you avoid making the same mistakes/decisions of your forbearers.

Why is it a good idea to look to the past, apart from to see what didn’t work.

Have you figured it out yet?

You look to the past not only to see what failed, but what succeeded as well!

The chances are that if something has worked in the past and continued to do so multiple times over, again and again, then the probability of it still working now are quite high. Only a fool would not use such valuable information.

What was the point of this post?

The answers to your questions today and even your questions in the future many, and will quite often be found by looking in to the past.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

We are now in the last 2 habits adopted by people who are highly successful at losing fat and keeping it off.

The first 8 are a mixture of psychological and physiological habits, but the last 2 are more akin to complete lifestyle changes, before we start number 9 it’s time for another recap:

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.
3 – They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion.
4 – They Use Common Sense.
5 – They Make Their Own Meals.
6 – They Avoid Looking RIGHT At Snacks.
7 – They Eat More Protein & Fibre.
8 – They Drink Plenty of Water.

I hope you’re ready because this is something you will want to know.

Habit Number 9: They Make a Small Change Everyday.

This is not a hard as it might sound. You don’t need to make life altering changes each day to help your body relinquish excess fat and keep it off, but being aware of the choices you make will have a big impact on your overall success.

For example, those highly successful people will take the stairs and not the elevator, they avoid looking for food while they’re hungry and almost all WILL have breakfast as this leads to less chance of over snacking during the day.

Small changes often have the biggest impact over a prolonger period of time because they are more likely to become consistent practice (a good habit), after all, small changes are easier to implement.

When you start out don’t try to do too much in one go, this can leave you both physically and psychologically drained while heading towards the biscuit tin. Avoid the trap of thinking you need to take big steps to get yourself started, each journey we take always starts with a single step, losing fat is no different.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

You are now 2 steps closer to knowing what people do a their 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat loss.

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.

The third habit however is very different from the first two.

If you’ve read any of my other blogs you will notice that I often speak about trying to learn all you can and to never discount anything until you’ve researched it and tried it, however the third habit of these highly successful people goes against my normal advise… and do you know what?

I think it’s absolutely BRILLIANT!

Here it is:

Habit 3: They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion.

I know right? It seems counter intuitive, but it is the single most brilliant thing I’ve ever really heard.

Lets look at the facts:

– Everyone will have an opinion on the ‘secret’ fat loss formula.
– There are hundreds of diet books with thousands of methods to lose fat.
– The internet is filled with tips, tricks and remedies to aid in shedding the pounds.
– Everyone’s and expert in their own right when it comes to THEIR body. THEIR BODY… not yours.

The last fact will make you giggle

– Everything works to some degree for a certain light of time.

As you can see, with all of the advice floating around it’s ease for people to get confused. Weight watchers works for some, not for others, slimming world is great for Aunt Mavis but not Lady Brenda and the 1000cal diet will certainly help you lose weight but your health won’t be far behind either.

This is why I really really like the third habit of these highly successful people. They know their own mind and stick with what is working for them.

Simply because a new fad piece of advice comes out it doesn’t mean YOU need to listen to it. It’s the old adage: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

If you have been following advice that is working for you then don’t change it until you need to it’s that simple.

Once again this useful habit can be applied to your normal life. A ‘helpful neighbour is offering some advice on how to cut your grass differently for a better result (Perhaps you like your grass the way it is.), you can just say “That’s great advice, I shall bear that in mind.” secretly meaning “That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard and I will never use your advice EVER.”.


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