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6 Secrets to Saving Calories.

One fear of many is gaining excess amounts of body fat in their adaptive training period.
I can understand that fear on a personal level.
One thing to remember though, you don’t need to be 100% stage lean or athletically ripped all the time.
In fact it’s not healthy for you physically or mentally.
That being said, to some people this is ‘them’ an it’s how they are and all they choose to be, in which case that’s cool because their understanding is that for constant aesthetic glory there may be a sacrifice to physical performance (lifting, sport, etc) or health, and that’s a price they’re willing to pay.
So before you get on at the people who want to ‘look good’ all the time, just remember, it’s their choice.
After all, you can’t say shit these days about people destroying their health through obesity because it’s ‘body shaming’ yet you can take lumps out of those who love fitness because it’s ‘obsessive’ and ‘unhealthy’.
Fucking hypocritical bullshit that is 😂
Anyway, here are the 6 secrets:
1 – Hold the Milk
Drinking black coffee, tea, or things such as mint/peppermint tea’ etc isa great way to save on calories if you’re a little worried that some will sneak up on you.
2 – Condiment Reduction
Mayonnaise, I love it, however… what I think might be say 15g is actually more like 50g 😋
Spreads, sauces and all things related are often very calorie dense and super easy to consume plentifully, so reducing how much you have will save you a rather large amount of calories.
This doesn’t mean stop having it, just reduce it.
^^ You can also substitute for spices, check your cupboard because I’m sure there’s a 5-spice in there somewhere hidden away.
3 – Less Cardboard Carbs
I know that people are stockpiling the nonperishables.
Cookies, sweets, biscuits, cereals, and all things carb that come in a box, while they last for decades and taste delicious, you can chow down on 600+ calories in a matter of mere minutes if you’re too careful.
Swap these for veg.
Seriously, instead of snacking on cereal bars eat a packet of peppers, you can buy either of these for about £1 (three large peppers or 4-6 cereal bars), same price, massive difference in both nutritional quality and calorie content.
4 – Unhealthy Health Food Trends
Juicing, fat free foods, meal replacements, basically anything that is a ‘trend’ is something to watch out for as they are often love in nutritional value and high in unneeded calories.
Now you may have read juices and feel confused because they’re meant to be good for you, ad to be fair veg only ones are great, adding in one or two fruits also won’t hurt, however…..
It’s the heavy fruit ones and also the added scoops of whey (or some form of protein), peanut butter, Nutella etc that skyrocket the calories, making what was once a tidy snack into a calorie laden catastrophe.
As for meal replacements, etc, well, just cook and don’t be lazy.
5 – Diet & Zero
Now some people love fizzy or carbonated drinks, if this is your vice then going for the Diet or Zero option will save you on the extra calories in this time.
I’d also alternate with drinking water, for example:
1 pint water > 1 pint Coke 0 > 1 pint water > 1 pint coke 0
This way you’ll learn to control yourself and also end up appreciating the carbonate beverages far more. Plus water is apparently pretty good for you accordion to ancient lore.
6 – Alcohol avoidance
Personally I feel people soul avid this entirely, less for special occasions (weddings, christmas or new year, not birthdays as it’s always someones birthday).
Give it’s 7 calories per gram this is the fastest way to rack up unwanted ones and pile on the pounds, which is a 40’+ waistline is your goal then by all means fill your boots, however that may be not so beneficial for your health.
Now some people feel they need a drink and can’t live without one.
Being someone who has slain the demon known as alcoholism (high functioning I might add), this can be a hard thing for people to put to bed or not rely on.
I can say that opting for spirits s a substitute to beers, stouts, and other dense drinks will reduce the total calories consumed, this means neat, no mixers – you’ll drink less that way. While not ideal, it’s a start.
There you have it, some ways you can curve your consumed calories while you stay safe at home.
#7 – Bouns Tip – Portion Control
It’s easy to simply eat too much in the form of too big a portion, don’t eat more than you need.
Piling up a plate is nothing short of gluttony, take only what you need and err on the side of less, you can always snack on peppers post meal if you’re still feeling you need a nibble.

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Corona Calories.

It’s fair to same some avid gym goers are in a bit of a panic.
A few questions regarding how much people should be eating int his time has been popping up.
In all honesty most would do well to take the calories down a notch, simply due to the fact they eat too many as it is, yet in some cases the extra calories may be beneficial because of extra recovery.
What to do, right?
First it would be to try and consume as many of your calories from nutrient dense food sources (meat/veg), then you can worry about the rest.
Without all the fancy calories equations using activity multipliers this will serve you well.
Take your total bodyweight in lbs:
Multiply it by 13, those will be your corona calories (for most people).
Me bing a slight 74kg (163lbs), it gives me this:
163 x 13 = 2119 calories per day.
This would be based on reduced activity (a lot of walking and grappling for me).
Believe it or not that is about right to sustain my current weight with minimal activity that would allow maximal LBM preservation.
A normal day will see me right with 2800-3200 to sustain my weight, I know this because of adding them up on random days across serval months to see trends (on myself personally).
While the method I offer isn’t as complex as many, it works.
The above will serve you well in this time.
Here are the other numbers I use when life is back to normality and training/activity is back up.
To lose mass: BW x11-13
(starting at 13, dropping slowly to 11)
To gain mass: BW x17-19
(starting at 17, building slowly to 19)
^^ You start at the lower number and see if your mass/LBM is going the way you want it to, then stay with those callers until progress stops and adjust up or down accordingly.
One main issue people come across is the go to the extreme end far too soon and then have nowhere left to go, a common mistake that people repeatedly make time and again.
Don’t be one of them.
As for macros, if that’s your things, here is my suggestion:
Protein – 1g per pound of total BW
Fat – 35% total daily calories
Carbs – whatever calories are left after Pro/Fat tallied up

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7 Calorie Sources of a Nefarious Nature.

Does this sounds familiar to you?
– You watch what you eat.
– Each day you’re diligent and control your cravings.
– This have been the way for months now, feeling proud you should.
Things have plateaued, or worse, a few lbs have crept back on.
While there are various potential reasons for this (movement efficiency, lower TDEE, GAS, etc), one of the most common is sneaky calories.
It is all too easy to over eat.
You can blame genetics, environment and even god because god wants you to stay on the lager side of life as all people of that ilk are jolly, apparently.
While potentially true, the probability is low.
As a species we are wired to seek out things that make us happy, that comfort us, the give us a ‘fix’ if we feel something is missing.
Oh yes, food is a powerful tool indeed.
“Let food be thy medicine” and all that.
It is alarmingly obvious how much it affects your health, or lack there of, its the one thing most people have in common and the majority have control over (less for dire and unfortunate circumstances).
As such here are 7 common food items that pack a rather hefty caloric punch.
Because yes, calories do matter.
1 – Peanut Butter
It’s so tasty, so moorish, so destructive to your goals if you eat an entire tub in one sitting (which is easily done)
2 – Fancy Coffees
Personally I quite like a coffee, black of course.
I often venture in to various establishments and take a look over the menu acting as if I’m going to have something different, when everyone knows I’m going for a black coffee because of habit.
Did you know a flavoured latte can be at the lowest end 250 calories in one go?
It’s not hard to have 2-3 of those a day, for some in one sitting, just let that sink in.
3 – Protein/Snack Bars
May convenience reign supreme. It will keep our bellies full, our wallets empty and our waistlines ever expanding.
Often 100-300 calories per bar, I know people like you who demolish 5+ a day with ease because they’re made to be ever so delicious.
By all means enjoy them, just don’t fall to gluttony.
4 – Smoothies
Literally the devil in blended form.
While the proposed health benefits of your Whole Foods Smoothie are enticing you may also find that a single one of these can tip the sales at around 350-500calories commonly (based on store bought ones).
Obviously enjoyable, just be mindful.
5 – That 1 Alcoholic Drink a Night
Now one drink a day may not kill you, however if you find yourself having it before 10am you might need to see someone.
The issue in this comes from the size of glass people use, and some fall in to the trap of opting for say a low-calorie Gin, 90cals per hit, as such they have 11.
Okay, maybe not 11, however at least 2-3, the can happen several days a week and maybe double on the weekend.
While this may be your way of ‘relaxing after a long day at work’ it’s not the most optimal.
6 – Office Treats (various)
Cakes, biscuits, candy canes, anything you just pick at, they can all have you racking up callers without your knowledge.
Before you say or think it, no, you don’t deserve a treat.
You give dogs treats, last time I checked you’re not a dog.
*If you are a dog and you’re reading this with 100% comprehension, please know I’m impressed.
7 – Low Calorie Foods (any)
Yea, I can’t believe I wrote that either.
This falls in the same realm as the low calorie gin mother dearest has after dealing with her darling children all day.
Typically because something is low calorie people don’t feel guilty about having it, which is great before the mob decides to set up a lynch party.
Due to not feeling guilty of their ‘less than 100 calorie snack’ people will eat serval of them, across the span of a day you can consume 3,4,5 or more of these ‘low calorie snacks’ on top of your average meals.
Worst part is people won’t track them as they don’t see them as ‘real food’
All of this leads to an excess of energy and a potential calorie surplus, and that my friends leads to weight gain.
The gain coulee be LBM or fat Mass, that will come down to things such as training, hormones, etc.
(Most end up with fat mass gain, unfortunately)
There you have it, the seven sins you didn’t know about.
I rsememrb the days where the only ones you have to worry about were Lust, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony & Sloth.
Alas, this is our modern world.
Give the above some thought and just be mindful.
If you want to have a food you enjoy then please fill your boots, if the feeling the food yields you is something you need and can’t live without then so be it, however it the long term results have lead you to a dark place mentally then you may need to consider sacrificing that which you enjoy.
Not what people want to hear I know, however it’s often what they need to hear.
You’ve got all the control, use it well 🤗

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Have you ever read, or heard someone mention TDEE? I see it written a lot and I think nothing of if, but yesterday Iw as asked what it actually means, it was then I remembered not everyone sits and reads books all day like I do.

The fitness word if full of acronyms, but I shall keep the use of them to a minimum in this post.

Here is the basics of TDEE or Total Daily Energy Expenditure.

If you’re TDEE is higher than your calories intake you will lose weight, that’s fact.

If your TDEE is lower than your calories you will gain weight, I’m sorry that’s how it is.

You can increase your TDEE by adding in exercise. This can be in the form of endurance cardio, lifting weights or sprinting/explosive HIIT training. Each one of these will lead to an increased TDEE, however some will have a better response than other.

If you jump on a treadmill for an hour or hit the road, you might burn lets say 700 calories in one go. That’s pretty much it, you will not have much *EPOC (I know, another acronym.See below for the details.), were as if you lift weights you may burn 500calories in the session burn a additional 500 due to the bodies need to repair/replenish itself. The same goes for sprinting, this is why those are the more optimal ways of improving body composition.

Another noteworthy point is that building new lean muscle tissue will increase potentially your BMR by 6-10extra calories per hour, yep that means you can eat more food like emoticon. Everyones a winner.
Sorry I’ve got lost in thought.

In short the higher your TDEE the more food you will be able to eat to maintain your current weight. If you’re in a deficit you will lose weight, if you’re in a surplus you will gain weight.
Now take that knowledge and achieve your goals.


*EPOC – Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This is the oxygen debt you create through exercise that is then responsible for rebalancing your body. This processes will restore the body to a resting state and adapt it to the exercise just performed. This includes: hormone balancing, replenishment of fuel stores, cellular repair, innervation and anabolism to name a few. Therefore dependant on the type of exercise you perform the greater effect on EPOC/metabolism it will have.

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