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Is this really the most important meal of the day?

Is it really as important as you’ve been lead to believe?
Yes & no.
When it comes to you first meal of the day you will do well to think of it as setting up your mindset because typically if you have a quick and convenient meal to start you off, you will follow suit for the rest of the day.
What does that mean?
When people typically grab something quick and easy because they ‘don’t have much time in the morning’ meaning it’s often filled with empty calories, lots of sugar and potentially not the best choice to help them achieve a goal such as fat loss for example. Essentially they’re just being lazy and not making an effort. 
Once you start on this path you tend to stick wth it for the day because of the weak mindset of “Well I’ve started this way so I will have today as a cheat day”, this then turns in to a cheat week, then a cheat life and before you know it you’re 100lbs overweight and depressed.
Might sound harsh but it happens.
Try starting you day off with wholesome food, perhaps eggs, spinach and some salmon for example. 
The take home massage is to breakfast is important because it will set the standard for the day, be sure to set it high. See it as a chance to make a behaviour change by getting up earlier and making a decent meal, you’re an adult after all which means you’re in charge of looking after yourself and your own health.  
Your results are largely determined on your overall behaviour, make the change you need, starting with breakfast.

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