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A squat-less routine?

It’s well known that not everyone likes to squat.
While the squat is a key movement pattern that should be in a training routine, you can create one without.
Not my personal choice but it’s 2017 so let’s cater for those who don’t want to squat or might not be able to, for what ever reason.
What can you do?
– Hinging
– Pressing
– Pulling
Let’s look at how those would make up a workout.
It’s worth noting that you will still build some good legs without squats, however the squat is an incredibly athletic movement and at least one session per week would be good.
Okay, let’s put together a squat-less routine.
Day A –
A1: Snatch Grip Deadlift from Deficit 8×3
B1: Press 10×5
B2: BB Row 10×5
C1: Dips 4x Fail
Day B –
A1: Clean Grip Deadlift from Floor 6×4
B1: Incline Press 6×8
B2: Pull Up (weighted if necessary or pull downs) 6×8
C1: Curls 4×8-12
Day C –
A1: Snatch Grip Deadlift from Blocks (mid shin) 4×6
B1: Close Grip Bench 8×6
B2: DB Row 8×8
C1: Face Pulls 4×12-15
Day X – Optional
A1: Hill Sprint 5-10×60 seconds
B1: Prowler or Sled Drag 5-10x20m
C1: Loaded Carry 5-10x20m
Here is how it might look if put in to a weekly workout structure – 7 day split:
Monday – C
Tuesday – B
Wednesday – Off
Thursday – X
Friday – Off
Saturday – A
Sunday – Off
If only A/B/C used then pick three days per week to train at your convenience using the order C-B-A.
You will notice the varied levels of deadlift will place different emphasis on quad/posterior recruitment, the addition Day-X would further help leg development and conditioning.
In your warm ups some form of squatting movement patter would be personally advised so you still get the expose to the pattern, maybe some light goblet squats for example, just for good measure.
Remember that all good programs have at least one day of squatting, this is an option for those who truly detest squats and is a last resort.

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