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Nothing = 2020

Consistency is troublesome for many people.
The idea of having to repeat something again and again and agin just doesn’t take well.
Given we’re two days away from reigning in a new year it’ll be time for all the –
“2018 broke me, 2019 taught me, 2020, let’s do this!”
Such heroic nonsense.
In the words of Conner McGregor – “You’ll do nothin”
If it take the 1st of January for you to pull your finger out I’m not afraid to say that my friend you’ve all ready failed.
You see if you see a reason to become better and change your life, well you’d find it.
Regardless of that reason you’d find it because you want to.
So many need things to start on a Monday, the 1st of a month, after and event or whatever, it’s just not worth it, given how many millions fail what makes you think you’ll be any different?
True many other millions succeed, yet no one ever asks them about what made the succeeded, they merely admire from afar or write in envy.
Question for you, why will you be consistent this time around?
What makes 2020 so different from 2000, or 2010, or any other time you’ve talked a good game and not delivered on it because as much as seeing people do well is truly heart warming, there is so much hot air and bluster it’s just too tiresome to even pretend to care enough to support people these days.
I’m sure some will read the above and proclaim that people like me are the reason others fail, because obviously we have that much sway over the minds of the many.
In my experience change happens for these two reason:
– People become too uncomfortable to take anymore
– Heartbreak
Rarely do people change for positive reasons.
Sad as it is, many don’t change because they’re comfortable or happy, they do it because life has finally become too shit for them to stay in the place they’re in and it’s no longer giving them even and ounce of what they want anymore.
So my dear 6 readers, if I even have 6 😂
Why will 2020 be any different from all the year before it?
Please do leave your thoughts and motivations below.

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Don’t Stress, Progress is Happening.

The first week of the New Year is at an end.

Hopefully you have stayed true to your resolutions and started making a change, even if what you have done might only seem small, it’s a step in the right direction.

It’s not uncommon to see people absolutely smashing it in the New Year and making progress immediately, perhaps a change int heir body/health can already be seen, while it is great to witness for the persons family members it can leave others who started their fitness journey feeling a bit down in the dumps because their progress isn’t as rapid. 

Firstly there is some honest feedback that has to be given and it is this; some people will progress faster than you, even if they seem to put in less effort. Is it fair? Hardly, but that’s life and regardless of how fast someone else is progressing it shouldn’t hold any effect on you because you’re you, not them and you’re progressing at the pace your body will allow for now. Don’t panic, you’re not a failure, stay consistent and results will come.

Now, the temptation to try and keep up with the Jones’ can be a hard one to resist, we have all been there and usually it doesn’t do anyone any good. It just demotivates the individual trying to keep up and no one needs that. While healthy competition is good, you can only do what you can, no more, remember that.

If you need some suggestions to help you stay motivated and reveal your progress then these will be right up your street:

– Progress Photos, take them on the same day, same time, same room, same lighting etc for the most consistency.

– Keep a training diary, this just helps you see your fitness progressing in terms of tangible numbers.

– Body measurements, problems read such as the waist, stomach are good to see the loss of visceral fat. You can also relate progress to your clothes and how they fit/feel.

Those are 3 tried and tested methods for keeping a track on things so you can see that you’re progressing nicely. Don’t worry what others people are doing, focus on you.



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You won’t like this post, it has too much truth in it.

2017, the year of the revolution you made in 2014…
How many new years resolutions have you made the you’ve actually stuck to?
Two, maybe three?
Perhaps you’re one of the few who has hit every single one each year. If so, good work, you’re a rare breed and deserve all the success – Honestly, I mean that, Im not being sarcastic. 
Back to the point of this post.
The problem I see with the good old NYR is that people think they need a specific date of time to make a change or create a goal. Personally I feel the new year is the worst time to do it and I shall tell you why… It’s because people are going to give up and fail, so this means that when you also give up you’re not the only one, saving a part of your ego and it means you can get away with stopping judgement free because it’s not just you who stopped.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not nice to see people give up but it happens because it’s easier than the alternative (sticking at something through al the hard times to come).
It might sound harsh but it’s the truth. We all know that plenty of people will start a NYR and not hit it, thus taking the pressure off, but for those who stick to it people will start to say things like:
“I wish I could have stuck to mine but work got in the way” – No, you got lazy and didn’t prioritise.
“They’ve gt it easy, they don’t have ZXY stopping them or getting in the way.” – How do you know? They might have more to potentially hold them back, they just stuck at it because they had heart and wanted success more than you.
Get the picture?
If you have a goal or resolution why wait until the new year to action it? DO IT NOW!
You don’t need permission or a special date to start, you just need to do it and stick with it, it’s that simple. If you find it hard on your own and get stuck or need help then ask for it, people will help you, we like helping each other, you don’t have to do it alone if you don’t want to. Surround yourself with people to help you succeed. 
So tell me, on a scale of ‘I will do what I need to do to succeed’ to ‘I will give up at the first sign of hardship or opportunity to give up’ where will you be?

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Early New Years Thoughts

I trust you all had a very merry christmas :).
It’s almost time to welcome in the new year, we’ve got a short week for those who are going back to work and then most are off again for the start of 2017. If you don’t need to train this week it could be the ideal time for a rest week, especially considering that gyms will have strange hours, unless you’re a member of a 24/7 one that is.
With the new year will come new goals, most will wait until the day to set theirs but I urge you to start doing it now. That way you will be able to write some clear goals, I am sure you’re all familiar with SMART (specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, time-bound), this is a time tested method of setting goals, however there are other options to consider.
– One Minute Goal Setting
Write down what you want to achieve and HOW you’re going to achieve it in less than 250 words, that a way it will take less than a minute to read said goal. You can have multiple ones.
– Action Based Goals
Similar to OMGS, you write down your end goal and then the actions that you will be implementing to help you make a life style change, here is an example: Buying smaller plates to reduce portion size in meal.
Get the idea? This is actually a very effective method, just make sure you keep your daily/weekly actions in view at all times.
Feel free to use either of those 3 methods.
As it’s boxing day you will find that the shops are open and there are various sales going on, I would suggest popping in to one and getting yourself a couple of dairies for tracking your training, nutrition and perhaps even your daily activities. This will help you keep on top of your own accountability and keep you honest.
If you have any idea for your new years resolutions I would highly recommend this one: Be honest with yourself, write things down and see where you are going right and what might need a little adjusting to fit the behaviours you will need to progress in 2017.

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