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Do You Even Daily Max?

A question was asked yesterday about what exactly a Daily Max is meant to be, today will be the answer to that question.

The term daily max is often used by Power Lifters and Strength Athletes and is in reference to building up to a kinda max for the day. There is little need to worry about percentages and it’s based on how you FEEL for that day.

This was popular in Russia and other similar countries and it’s also worth knowing that the Westside Conjugate Method is based on this principle so you know where to look for proof of its effectiveness.

Another trait of the daily max is that it doesn’t mean you have to go for 1 rep, the max for that day could be 3,5 or even 8 if you’re hard core. Maxing out daily might seem counter intuitive because for most people working at 90% or above of your actual 1RM for more than 3 weeks will literally destroy their CNS but a daily max doesn’t have to be based on one of the big 3 lifts; you can use any lift you like.

If you’re looking for a recommendation using any number of reps other than 1 is the way forwards because it’s often safer. The sam is true for exercise variation, but here is an example of a typical week for you:

Monday: 3rep DM – Front Squat
Tuesday: 6rep DM – Incline Press
Wednesday: 8rep DM – Good Morning/Box Squat
Thursday: 2rep DM – Comp Style Bench
Friday: 2rep DM – Comp Style Squat
Saturday: 5rep DM – Snatch Grip Deadlift

A daily max is a great way to keep your body accustomed to lifting heavy and being ready for a big lift. Use it to bring up your weaknesses so that your strengths become even stronger.


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