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***3 workout protocols you can cycle, rinse and gain repeat use from***

Consistency is key in training and achieving anything meaningful.
Given this notion here are 3 training protocols you can play with the intensity/density (volume totals are set so you don’t need to worry about those).
What are those two things?
Intensity – % of max being used (weight on bar, heavier KB’s etc means higher intensity)
Density – Total amount of work done in time (same work, less time that is your aim)
Now to get down to each protocol.
1 – 5,3,2 then 20×5
Do a set of 5, add load, do a triple, add a bit more, do a double, then drop back to the 5, or slightly less and proceed to do 20 sets of 5, you can take the load up or down if it’s too easy or too hard, just hit all the reps.
2 – 6-10×1, then 2×2-3-5-10
Work up to a heavy-ish single for the day (not an all out max, the form must be solid and the speed plentiful), you have 10 single to get there and these include the warm ups.
You might do something like this on say Deadlift: 60,100,140,160,180,190 – slowed down, rest 5-10min, tried 190 again, still slower than you’d like, called it a day on those.
Next pick a % of the max and do 2 reps, rest a tad, then 3, rest briefly again, then 5, more rest, now 10 reps, make sure each is with good form, Now 5min rest and repeat at the same load or adjust if it needed.
3 – 3×3 then 12×6
Do a few arm up sets, then three progressively heaver triples, easy enough.
For the sets of 6, I’ve personally found that about 75% of the days top triple make for solid sets of 6, you can of course vary this.
In all of the above you rest as needed, a good rule of thumb in terms of total time in the gym is to aim for 45-90min, I know, quite broad.
Personally I aim for 45min, however some people just like taking their time and would rather 90, this is fair enough.
Being that we have explained how to vary intensity in each protocol above you may be thinking about how to play with the Density, which is actually very easy, you simply aim to use the same plaids you have preiovusly and get out all the volume in a shorter total time period.
You may have also noticed that the term cycling was mentioned, what this means in essence is that you train say 3-5 days a week and use one of the protocol on ONE LIFT ONLY in each training session.
You can do maintenance work on your other lifts, with a simple rep/set scheme, something like 3×8 or 4×6 is good, something that hits 15-25 reps with a decent weight will be more than enough to keep you respectable.
Say you’re focusing on your Press, and training three days per week, this is what it might look like:
Day 1 – Monday
A1 – Press – Protocol 1
B1 – Squat – 4×6
B2 – Pull Up – 4×6
C1 – Curls – 3×8
Day 2 – Thursday
A1 – Press – Protocol 2
B1 – Deadlift – 6×3
B2 – Dips – 6×4
C1 – Face Pulls – 3×10
Day 3 – Saturday
A1 – Press – Protocol 3
B1 – Front Squat – 3×6-8
B2 – Bent Over Row – 3×6-8
C1 – Chin Up – 4×6
In summary.
Cycling – Using one protocol each session
Intensity – Use higher loads
Density – Use shorter rest periods
Now there is no mention of long term periodisation or progression, that can be down to you. If you aim for 6-12 weeks worth of the above (20-40 total sessions), push hard when you feel strong and back off when you don’t you’ll find things come together.

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The next big ‘thing’ in fitness

I reckon that will be the next big thing.
While the aim of being healthy, mobile and abel to live a long and fruitful life has always been a priority to some, it’s not yet mainstream.
This is going to change me thinks.
Training for things such as strength, aesthetics and other common fitness goals isn’t easy, it requires dedication, accountability and above all else consistency.
Longevity on the other hand requires minimal effort, and that my friends is why people will find it appealing.
People will want to shy away from the harder stuff and start championing that they are training for longevity, it also helps that people don’t know what it looks like, thus making it easier for people to sell in the upcoming future.
In a nutshell here is a guide to it:
– Maintaining overall health (regardless of weight)
– Keeping your full ROM (regardless of weight)
– Being strong enough to do daily tasks with ease
– A CV system that allows you to run up stairs, or to the bus
– Keeps you alive past 70
All worthy things, however it’s the fact that it has no bias towards look or a numerical achievement that will entice people.
Very few want to work hard, many in fact just want to not feel shit about themselves, as such they will search out a group to which they can belong without too much effort and no judgement, seem fair enough to me to want that.
We are social creatures, we’d rather belong than not.
Give it time, if you’ve watched the trends of fitness you’ll see where I’m coming from with this.
Watch this space,

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What’s old can be young again

You can’t stop the hands of time.
Eventually you will become old, withered and grey, or bald.
You can however delay the degradation of your body by lifting weights and making optimal nutrition choices.
Take some time and think.
Do you want to be 75+ and always in constant pain, with little to no ability to move and do things for yourself or do you want to be one of the 75+ that can still get out and about on their own and have the quality of life they did in their 50’s?
Regular training (lifting weights & cv work) will help, this is because if you don’t give your body a reason to stay healthy, it won’t.
It’s the whole ‘use it or lose it’ concept.
Funnily enough it’s quite an important one to keep in mind in regards to your body and ability to live an active life.
I’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients.
The biggest changes and appreciation of them comes from those in their later years of life 65+.
Simple, it gives them back a little of what they’ve lost.
I wish I could help them get it all back, however the damage was already done from years of neglect, sad yet true.
If your goal is sport, competitions or anything else, great, fill your boots, however give some forethought to the future and your body to come.
Here are five key points to remember that happen to us as we age:
(based on a typical untrained elderly person)
1 – Tonic muscles get shorter and tighter
2 – Phasic muscles get weaker (especially in the *PKC)
3 – Bone density goes down
4 – Resting heart rate elevates
5 – Your hormones are less than optimal
*Posterior Kinetic Chain
You can address these points in the following way (like today, don’t wait)
1 – Have a daily flexibility/mobility routine
2 – Kettlebell swings, loaded carries, Get Ups 2-5x P/W
3 – Lift weights 2-3xP/W, focus on compound movements
4 – Daily cardio can be useful, not HIT, simple LISS (walking)
5 – Nutritious food & some extra supplements daily
Now this is of course a massive topic to delve in to, however if you do the above, with a focus on health, movement and longevity – as opposed to being a gym bro or gym bunny, you’ll set the foundations for long term health.
Just because we get older it doesn’t mean we have to get old.

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A trick to mass from the past

What happened to 20 rep sets?
At one point in time they were at the height of popularity, especially for the squat.
There was also the recommendation of eating plenty of nutritious food while doing this, it worked back then, chances are it still works now.
The options don’t just stop with squats though.
Oh no.
You can do them on a multitude of movements in fact.
As such here is something for you to consider to spice up you training.
Aim to hit this for a minimum of three months (12 weeks).
Split – Pull/Push/Legs – hit each group every 3-5 days.
Rep/set protocol – 5-4-3-2-1-20, add weight and ramp to a heavy (not max) single to potentiate the nervous system, this of this as an extended warm up.
For the 20 rep sets use 60% of you technical max (the weight you can do for 1 rep with perfect form)
If you hit all 20 add some weight to that number next session.
Session examples:
Pull –
A1 – Deadlift variation 5-4-3-2-1-20
B1 – Chin 2×20 (aim to build to this)
C1 – Row or Curl 12-10-8-6
Push –
A1 – Pressing variation 5-4-3-2-1-20
B1 – Dip 2×20 (aim to build to this)
C1 – Fly or Skull Crusher 12-10-8-6
Legs –
A1 – Squat variation 5-4-3-2-1-20
B1 – Walking Lunge 2×20 (aim to build to this)
C1 – Hamstring Curl 12-10-8-6
C2 – Calve Raise 4×25-50
The main aim is to build on those 20 rep sets on the main lifts for some solid mass gains.
The B1 exercise is meant to further your progress, just keep in mind the weights will be dictated by the reps you can perform with good form.
If you don’t hit all the reps in one set, do not fret, just stop there and aim to hit them all next session.
Only once you can hit all the reps with unbroken form do you add some weight to the movements.
You’ll be surprised how you much progress you can milk from this style of training, however if mass is you goal you will need to ensure you are in a caloric surplus and eat lots of nutritious/energy dense foods.
If fat loss is your aim this type of method works for you too, the main difference is in the nutrition and overall calories consumed, you need to be in a slight deficit. Think a lot of veg and lean meats.

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Thoughtless Thoughts

There is always a lot of conflicting information in the world.

Be that from points of view based on experience, or substantial evidence that goes against a persons long held beliefs.

Now there isn’t much I can teach people about mindset, not really.

Most know as much as they will ever need to know.

It doesn’t matter if they are correct in their assumption or not, as far as they care, they know enough and that’s cool.

We are not really hear to tell people what should or shouldn’t be done, if we did it takes away their responsibility or at least their need to claim responsibility for their own choice.

It’s easy to say “I did X because Y told me to.”.

This is something we do from a young age because we are conditioned to follow orders, yet ironically not he other side of the coin we are told to think, act, feel and do four ourselves, so long as it fits in with everyone else’s & the larger agenda.

Much conundrum there is.

Be kind, but not too kind you become a door mat.
Be strong, but not too strong you become cold.
Be confident, but not too confident.

The list goes on.

I’d like you to sit and just think about yourself for a second.

What do you want?

Honestly, just you, clear your mind of all the initial thoughts because the chances they are not your thoughts is very high, they are conditioned ideas & responses, they’re not your responses.

Freedom of thought, such a scary thing when you’re used to being told how to think for so long.

So I will ask again, what do YOU want?

I don’t just mean fitness related by the way.

Take some time out, away from the world and all it’s technology and just sit quietly, don’t dwell on thoughts that come in, let them come and go, eventually you will start to hear your own thoughts and not everyone else’s.


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