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“The art of conditioning without conditioning.”

Morning all,
Traditionally many will have some fairly high-octane methods for really getting their conditioning fix, and it’s a viable way to train and provides some great results however it’s not the only way.
In this day and age not everyone is capable of the more exciting training methods, this could be due to injury, age, lifestyle choices and more. As such different conditioning methods are needed.
Here are three low impact alternatives that will ramp up your conditioning without falling in to the traditional guise.
1 – Climbing Stairs Two at a Time
In the initial stages hitting two steps at a time with a medium pace will be sufficient for a lot of people to get some VO2 benefit, once fitness levels improve you can take on the challenge of stair running for next level heart, lungs & legs.
2 – Kettlebell Swings
You knew these would be in here, they’re great. If you can build up to single arm swings you can then build up to snatches and those my friends are the Czar of all movements for forging a body to last and a posterior chain the gods themselves would be envious of.
3 – Swimming
You’d be surprised how many people forget about this pastime, it’s one of the best things you can do, in freshwater or the sea. If you have an ailing body then taking a dip will be one of the best things for you as it will also help bring up your overall strength as well.
Some easy options to help you get fit that don’t fall in to the norm of the modern world.

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