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Why Goldilocks had it right.

I’m sure you’ve all heard or read the story of Goldilocks & the three bears.
She essentially goes after what is ‘just right’ in ever situation which is actually very inspired and quite clever.
Now it may seem like common sense to want to have what is just right, yet getting there is the issue.
Goldilocks didn’t know exactly how, yet she did in the end.
So, how did she do it?
It wasn’t by stumbling across it by accident.
That’s how a lot of people this they will find their own ‘just right’.
Oh no, first of all she went too far to one extreme, then way over to the other side in to another extreme, then when she found the middle point it became apparent that this was optimal.
Yep, the hidden moral of the story is that you sometimes need to explore the extremes to find the place in-between that is called optimal.
This is true for pretty much most things, so much so I will say it again.
Explore YOUR extremes then you will be able to know where to find optimal.
Take training volume for example; too much will cause you to you burn out or get injured, too little means no progress of even regression. Knowing both can help you find the point where it all comes together nicely and allows you to know how to program for your physiology.
Remarkably simple, yet often ignored.

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