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He knew his stuff, that he did.

If you are not bound by the working week, or you’re just someone who is rather focused then this training split will be very lucrative for you.

Day 1 – Push/Pull
Day 2 – Legs
Day 3 – Off, active recovery
Day 4 – Push/Pull
Day 5 – Off, active recovery

This is a classic by the late & great Charles Poliquin.

His exact was as follows:

Day 1 – Chest/Back
Day 2 – Legs
Day 3 – Off
Day 4 – Shoulders/Back/Arms
Day 5 – Off

The 5 day cycle then repeats and provided you follow some solid progression patterns you make decent gains.

I quite like this split for the following reasons:

– Hits optimal lifting frequency of every 3-5 days
– Easy to progress/track
– Looks nice on paper 😂

While this is a bodybuilding, or power building bias split, you can use it for many other endeavours, you’d simple change the nuance.


Day 1 – Upper Body Power
Day 2 – Lower Body Power
Day 3 – Off
Day 4 – Full Body Power
Day 5 – Off

Get the idea?

A lot of people will claim o be gained to a working week and not have enough to to do something like this that doesn’t have set days.

While perhaps true, there can always be time made.

Especially if you goal is important to you.

Training 3 days out of every 5 is a solid premise to work by, over the years it has been one of my most successful that has been followed because of the right amount of grind/recovery.

Give it some thought.

Also, if you haven’t read any of Charles writings you really should, I highly recommend ‘The Poliquin Principles’ – or any of his books for that matter because while some may have not liked him personally, his knowledge was immense and results proved countless times.



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3 Choice starting points

The problem isn’t the choice, it’s the fact you’ve got too many and you know it.
Morning All,
You may have used the excuse “I just don’t know what to do” and while this has some candour to it, there is a certain aspect that people forget to mention.
They don’t lack choice, they just don’t know which choice to pick.
Don’t believe me?
If you claim to not know what training routine, lifting protocol, program to follow or how to put one together all you need do is hop on google and you will find all you need.
Now, the issue here is which one to pick.
So people are not fibbing when they say they don’t know what to do, they might just be being a tad lazy and would rather be told to do XYZ than find out for themselves, which is fair enough.
As such I have three books for you that will take away all of your guess work.
They all have solid examples are various routines that you can apply for 6months, a year or perhaps more (depending on your training age).
1 – Dinosaur Strength Training – Brooks Kubik
^^ any of the series is gold
2 – Beyond BodyBuilding – Pavel Tsatsouline
3 – WS4SB – by Joe DeFranco
^^ Start at part/book 1
All in all you just need to have a little faith in not only the program, you have to have it in yourself as well.
Even if results are slower than you expect, they’re probably not as slow as you think they are.
Progress takes time, a lot of time and that is if you’ve gotten everything dialled in (training, nutrition, recovery, life etc), don’t get dragged in by the endless choices and confused by them, look to one of the books above, pick a protocol and stick with it, milk it for all its worth.
I have faith in you, be sure to have some in yourself too.

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Too good not to share

I came across this article while browsing through the inter webs for knowledge and it’s too good not to share.


Christian Thibaudeau is one of my favourite and his knowledge is phenomenal, you’ll enjoy this read.

I will certainly be giving this a go as I am currently short on time in my own training.


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