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2 Things you can learn from the selfie crew at your gym.

If you were to look around your gym in your rest periods, what would you see or rather how many people would you see taking selfies?
Probably quite a few now because that is how the modern gym snowflake rolls. After all, it is important that they get their daily likes on the gram otherwise they’ve not achieved anything and the insatiable need for gratification will go unquenched, this can’t be allowed to happen.
While the endless selfies and gym videos might annoy you there is actually something you can learn from this and even apply to your own regime to help you in your route to achieving your goals.
Here are the two things you can learn from the selfie crowd:
1 – Taking videos is a great way to check your form and sharing in groups for feedback and tips to improve the quality of your lifting.
2 – Photos are excellent in tracking your overall progression, just don’t post every single one of them.
Bonus – The culmination of videos, process picture and selfies can actually serve are a great reminder of who far you have come in your journey, how much you have achieved and why you must be proud of all your effort, hard work and achievements.
From a business standpoint it can also help bring in clients and inspire other people who are perhaps starting where you did to stay the course because they will be there in the end.

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Have You Lost Weight?

Have you lost weight is a question some people eagerly await to be asked, sadly some are disappointed when instead they get asked about how the decoration of the house is going. This can leave a dent in a persons confidence when it comes to continuing to pursue their fitness/fat loss goals.

More often than not people are aways in a rush to lose weight, commonly it is woman who want to achieve this particular goal (though more men are following the trend now too), however, there is a common problem with people who want to lose weight because they will pick a number they think will look good, such as 8 or 8 and a half stone, don’t ask me what it is about this number but there are a lot of people who want to weight 8 and a half stone.

Picking a number on the scale might be useful for someone who is grossly overweight because it has a degree of relevance to their situation and overall health, but for the average person who might be 1-2 stone overweight it can be more of a hinderance than a help. The mental stability/toughness of achieving a goal is far harder than actually achieving the goal itself, especially when you have the added weight of a scale bearing down on you.

The scales were one a housewives favourite, now though they have become a burden that needs to be banished from ever home! (In my opinion anyway.)

The simplest/best way to track your progress is not by how much you weight but how you look naked. As silly as it sounds taking before and after photos will provide you with far more feedback, both positive/negative and real because the scales can lie, photos can’t, well, unless they’re photo shopped that is but that’s a different story for another day.

I challenge you to throw away your bathroom scales and start taking progress pictures instead. One a week taken on then same day, at the same time, in the same room and with the same camera will be sufficient, Personally I would say one every 2 weeks is a better option as you will be able to see even more difference each time you take a selfie.

The next time someone asks you if you’ve lost weight, look them in the eye, smile and say:

“I have no idea, but I look great naked so what does it matter what the scale says.”



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