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3 Program Tweaks for 2020

What you will find below may frighten many of you.

The simple tweaks for programming are based around doing more with less and getting the most out of your training.

Be warned though, for this to work you will have to give yourself to the process fully.

You ready?

1 – Train Monday – Friday – Wednesday.

^^ You read that right, Monday/Friday one week and then Wednesday the next.

2 – Utilise RM Goals

For the above I would suggest the following:

> Ramp Warm Up (main lift/s) 6-10×1 – add load each set to a head daily single
> Pick 2 Main Lifts for a *36 total rep goal
> Secondary/Accessory lifts **50 total rep goal

*6x6RM working sets, yep, that means you use your 6RM for 6 sets. You won’t hit this first time around, you might get 6-5-5-3-3-2, then the next session you use that same weight which might be 6-6-5-4-3-3, keep going until you hit 6×6, then change the movement variation

**You have 2-4 sets to hit your 50 rep target depending on your preference.

3 – Roll a Pair of Dice Daily

This is for a little bit of fun, you roll a pair of dice and get either 2 or 12, this is the minutes you’d be working for. You could skip, hit a bar, perform loaded carries, swings, shuttle runs, bear crawls, movement or whatever, however this is optional.

Try to make 2020 a year where you don’t live in the gym, however when you are in there you put your effort in.

Here is an example protocol to get you started in January:

W/U – Ramp 6×1: Press
A1 – Press 6x6RM Target
Re-Ramp 3-6×1: DL
B1 – DL 6x6RM Target
C1 – Dips x50 rep target
C2 – Chin Up x50 rep target
C/D – Stretching for problem areas

Daily Dice Roll – Rotate these three movements – Sprints, Pistol Squats, Loaded Carry (any awkward heavy object).

Why not make 2020 the year of being different, you never know, doing less you might just gain more than you ever have before.


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I give you these barbells three.

We’ve looked at rep ladders, now let us look at one of the loading variety.
Morning All,
If you’ve followed on here for a while you will know that a staple suggestion from me is the 1-2-3-4-5 ladder, or the 5-4-3-2-1.
You may or may not be aware that there is a ladder where the reps stay the same and it’s the load that changes.
3 Kettlebells (or loaded bars if you have them, etc)
Reps – 5-5-5
Sets – 3-10 (adding a set every week is wise, every session is brutal, a nice compromise is every other session)
Rest – As much as needed for all reps to be crisp
Having different loads gives you a great opportunity to vary the intensity and give the body a decent stimulus.
If you did this on deadlift you might have the following:
3x140kg, 3x100kg, 3x180kg
You’ve got a potentiation set with a medium weight, a light set where you can now utilise the feeling from he previous load to really crack out some acceleration, then the last load, the heaviest one will benefit from the speed of the preceding set.
It all links in together quite nicely.
This style of ladders works well on all compound movements and with most rep ranges, however given the enormous amount of volume keeping to 5 reps and under might be advisable.
Personally I found 3 week Mesocycles good for progression, so 3 ladders week 1, 4 week 2 and 5 week 3, then drop back to 3 ladders and add weight or change the movement variation, e.g. Bench Press to Incline Press.
Give this a go, train 3-5 days per week (perhaps 3 days with ladders on the main lifts – squat, press, DL and the other 2 sessions simple accessory days).
There you have it, another option.

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