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No pain, no problem… right?

Just because you’re not in pain that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.
Being the intelligent bunch you are I’m sure you understand that pain (more often than not) is the end result of the wheels falling off something.
Sadly many wait until this point.
If you are to take a look at your overall structure, movement, muscular balance and performance you’ll probably see gaps and potential for an issue of two to arise.
This is where pre-hab is important.
The whole mantra of ‘prevention is better than cure’ is 100% on point in this context.
I personally have three main considerations you may enjoy taking on board.
1 – Do you have full/minimum-optimal ROM in every joint?
2 – Is your strength balanced on both left/right sides?
3 – How is your balance?
^^ Of course if you compete in a high level of sport then you may have some rather large asymmetries, that is the cost of the sport and eventually your bill will be due, however so long as you’re willing to pay it, then it’s all good.
In the context, we’re looking at those three points it refers to the average person who won’t ever win gold at the Worlds or the Olympics.
Now, as mentioned above you may be pain-free.
This is a good thing, it means your body is either nice and equal or it’s compensating well.
The above tests will highlight the following:
1 – That you can get into the right positions without compensation and if you can’t it can lead you to understand why eg, injury, muscle imbalance, stiff fascia, etc.
2 – Are you producing the same (within reason) levels of force each limb, or do you need to address an imbalance before you get RSI from the strong side picking up the slack of the weaker side.
3 – The feet can give you great insight in to where structural issues are coming from, if your balance is off the body will twist, torque, stiffen (in places it shouldn’t be stiff/loosen in places it shouldn’t be loose)and shift as required to stop you from falling over face first, this isn’t a good thing because as you get older it gets worse, so you may wish to look in to it.
Consider the above a Health MOT.
Giving yourself a check over once a month or so will do you the world of good.
Say you do find an issue or two, then you can add mobility work, muscle/fascial release or unilateral work in to address what needs addressing.
If this knowledge of what to do is beyond you then hire a professional, there is no shame in asking for help.
Give the above some thought.

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