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6 Secrets to Saving Calories.

One fear of many is gaining excess amounts of body fat in their adaptive training period.
I can understand that fear on a personal level.
One thing to remember though, you don’t need to be 100% stage lean or athletically ripped all the time.
In fact it’s not healthy for you physically or mentally.
That being said, to some people this is ‘them’ an it’s how they are and all they choose to be, in which case that’s cool because their understanding is that for constant aesthetic glory there may be a sacrifice to physical performance (lifting, sport, etc) or health, and that’s a price they’re willing to pay.
So before you get on at the people who want to ‘look good’ all the time, just remember, it’s their choice.
After all, you can’t say shit these days about people destroying their health through obesity because it’s ‘body shaming’ yet you can take lumps out of those who love fitness because it’s ‘obsessive’ and ‘unhealthy’.
Fucking hypocritical bullshit that is 😂
Anyway, here are the 6 secrets:
1 – Hold the Milk
Drinking black coffee, tea, or things such as mint/peppermint tea’ etc isa great way to save on calories if you’re a little worried that some will sneak up on you.
2 – Condiment Reduction
Mayonnaise, I love it, however… what I think might be say 15g is actually more like 50g 😋
Spreads, sauces and all things related are often very calorie dense and super easy to consume plentifully, so reducing how much you have will save you a rather large amount of calories.
This doesn’t mean stop having it, just reduce it.
^^ You can also substitute for spices, check your cupboard because I’m sure there’s a 5-spice in there somewhere hidden away.
3 – Less Cardboard Carbs
I know that people are stockpiling the nonperishables.
Cookies, sweets, biscuits, cereals, and all things carb that come in a box, while they last for decades and taste delicious, you can chow down on 600+ calories in a matter of mere minutes if you’re too careful.
Swap these for veg.
Seriously, instead of snacking on cereal bars eat a packet of peppers, you can buy either of these for about £1 (three large peppers or 4-6 cereal bars), same price, massive difference in both nutritional quality and calorie content.
4 – Unhealthy Health Food Trends
Juicing, fat free foods, meal replacements, basically anything that is a ‘trend’ is something to watch out for as they are often love in nutritional value and high in unneeded calories.
Now you may have read juices and feel confused because they’re meant to be good for you, ad to be fair veg only ones are great, adding in one or two fruits also won’t hurt, however…..
It’s the heavy fruit ones and also the added scoops of whey (or some form of protein), peanut butter, Nutella etc that skyrocket the calories, making what was once a tidy snack into a calorie laden catastrophe.
As for meal replacements, etc, well, just cook and don’t be lazy.
5 – Diet & Zero
Now some people love fizzy or carbonated drinks, if this is your vice then going for the Diet or Zero option will save you on the extra calories in this time.
I’d also alternate with drinking water, for example:
1 pint water > 1 pint Coke 0 > 1 pint water > 1 pint coke 0
This way you’ll learn to control yourself and also end up appreciating the carbonate beverages far more. Plus water is apparently pretty good for you accordion to ancient lore.
6 – Alcohol avoidance
Personally I feel people soul avid this entirely, less for special occasions (weddings, christmas or new year, not birthdays as it’s always someones birthday).
Give it’s 7 calories per gram this is the fastest way to rack up unwanted ones and pile on the pounds, which is a 40’+ waistline is your goal then by all means fill your boots, however that may be not so beneficial for your health.
Now some people feel they need a drink and can’t live without one.
Being someone who has slain the demon known as alcoholism (high functioning I might add), this can be a hard thing for people to put to bed or not rely on.
I can say that opting for spirits s a substitute to beers, stouts, and other dense drinks will reduce the total calories consumed, this means neat, no mixers – you’ll drink less that way. While not ideal, it’s a start.
There you have it, some ways you can curve your consumed calories while you stay safe at home.
#7 – Bouns Tip – Portion Control
It’s easy to simply eat too much in the form of too big a portion, don’t eat more than you need.
Piling up a plate is nothing short of gluttony, take only what you need and err on the side of less, you can always snack on peppers post meal if you’re still feeling you need a nibble.

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A book worth a read.

Have you ever read ‘The Warrior Diet’?
It’s quite the thought provoking little read.
While the science of it all is questionable in regards to the acclaimed hormonal responses etc, the overall premise is a solid one.
Here is a summary of the book in short:
– Eat in a time restricted period
– Whole nutritions foods should be the go to choice
– Making food choices for performance & health is key
In all honesty it is very easy to follow and is steeped in common sense more than anything else, you’d be surprised at the overall results you can achieve if you adhere to it.
That’s the key element though, adherence.
Do you think you can stick to it or is food something you rely on for comfort or perhaps other reasons apart from that of survival and necessity.
Questions worth pondering.
Give the book a read, you’ll likely find it novel if nothing else.

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You Ate The WHOLE Thing?

Are you allowed to eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s?
Of course you are, it’s your choice.
Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.
Lots of people enjoy ice cream and we all know that once you start it’s very very easy to devour a whole tub without a second thought or hesitation, but eating the whole tub isn’t the real issue, it’s what you’re going to do with al the energy you receive from eating it.
If you were to say the average tub has around 280calories per 100ml and considering each tub is 500ml that’s an average of 1400calories per tub with a 95g grams of fat and 110g of carbs.
Now carbs and fat together are never a good combination, no matter how delicious a paring they are, but they are not the enemy, after all they will be broken down in to energy to be used by the body but as we said above; using that energy is the problem.
More often than not you’re going to eat a whole tub at night, probably before bed so you won’t really be doing much in the way of activity…. Well…
It’s worth remembering that excess energy for the most part will likely be stored as fat, so maybe it’s best not to eat the whole tub. That is unless you can ‘fit’ it in to your macros we suppose.
There are plenty of alternatives such as Frozen Yoghurt and alike that are far more energy friendly and can contain as little as half the calories of an average tub of ice cream. You will just have to shop around for which ones you like.
The key thing to remember is nutrition is all about balance.
Obviously in an ideal world 80-90% of your daily calories would come from single ingredient whole foods and the remaining 10-20% would be from much simpler (and tastier) sources.
While in theory you can eat ‘anything’ provided you’re hitting your micro/macro nutrients and everything is in balance I have yet to see anyone actually look good eating the reverse of my opinion (80-90% what they want, 10-20% singles ingredient whole foods), that’s not to say it isn’t possible, just not that probable. Though that is only my opinion, I’m sure there are plenty who can prove me wrong, more power to them I say. 
To sum it all up, if you want to have a whole tub of ice cream, be that Ben & Jerry’s or any other then feel free but make sure it fits your energy expenditure requirements otherwise you might start seeing some extra ‘fluff’ appearing.




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A Cheaper Alternative

Morning Guys,

Stop wasting your money!

The allure of weight gains shakes, supplements and other such things tempt in many a person, but you don’t need them.

You will find that you can get everything you need from food.

While I can see how supplements are convenient they’re not necessary. If you actually take the time to prepare some meals for the day you will notice you get more results than if you rely on your magical supplements.

Here are some alternatives that are cheaper and in my opinion far better for you.

Pre-Workout: Espresso.
Intra-Workout: Water.
Post Workout:

Try this home made shake.

100g Oatmeal
10 Egg Whites
50g of Berries or 1 Banana
1-2 Table Spoons of Nut Butter
350ml of Water or Whole Milk if you really want some extra calories.

Simple alternatives that won’t const you the earth.


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