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Three easy steps to fining the right training system for you.

Step 1 – Pick a system.
Step 2 – Follow the system to compete/desired outcome.
Step 3 – Reflect/breakdown what you learned & start again.
Essentially that is it.
Just repeat the above for a couple of decades and you’ll find ‘what works for you’.
You simply need to establish the overall goal you have.
Now this could be performance/health related (objective) or mental (subjective), the difference in the two is being able to track tangible data.
How long you stick to the chosen system will depend on your goal, or what you’re using it for.
There is sadly no magic length of time you must do this for.
It may be 6 months, it could be 3 years, who knows.
Your main consideration is that what you do you must stick to for some decent length of time to establish if it is or has been effective or not.
^People of advanced training status – near their genetic limit are exempt and probably know what works for the anyway.
In the early days pretty much everything works, that’s why we get a phase called ‘beginners gains’.
This lasts 1-3 years if your training is progressive and logically programmed for your goal, past this point all the dramatic changes are pretty much done, time to embrace consistency.
One piece of advise you’d do well to take away from this is that you’ll get better results if you pick just ONE GOAL.
Yep, just one, not multiple.
Wether you train for something tangible or just to feel good, it doesn’t matter, the only thing I know is that you need to stick with whatever it is your doing long enough for it to yield a result of any kind.
Don’t be too quick to abandon things.
Tempting as it may be, nothing worth while happens overnight, it takes time so instead of seeking and thinking about what a training system can do for you now, think what it is you can give the training system so that in the future it returns your investment with something worthwhile.

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4,8,12 or 16 week challenge

Last night I had a thought.
I’m sure many of you have done the 10,000 swing challenge before.
What else have you applied it to though?
Logically there are movements that will work well with this target of reps, and others not so much.
The swing variation is to be done in 4 weeks.
Extremely manageable.
The high frequency of sessions (5 a week) is also great for grooving a movement pattern.
4 weeks isn’t the gospel truth though, you can take longer, as such that is how you can apply different lifts successfully.
In the 4 week block you are looking ideally to train 5 days per week, hitting 500 reps a day.
If you want to stretch it to 8 weeks then you’d be hitting 250reps per session, based on 5 sessions per week.
Over 12 weeks it would be 166.7 reps a day.
Now since that is an irritating number to me I’d round it up, probably, 167.
Still annoying though 😟
However if you got for 16 weeks, well that give you 125reps per session and now you can start to apply it to a lot more lifts.
An 8 week block you might be able to do Pistols, Push Presses, Jerks, Renegade Rows, Inverted Rows, Clean & Jerks to name a few.
^^ All kettlebell movements by the way, you can use dumbbells also.
The 16 week one might be better suited to things such as pull ups, some barbell movements.
I’m sure you get the idea.
As you can see it’s a nice way to give yourself a little challenge if you don’t have the spare cash to hire a full time coach.
If you were going to program it this would be the formula to follow.
Warm up flow – pick one
A1 – 10,000 rep challenge lift
B1 – Push/Pull/Squat/Hinge/Carry/Sprint (pick one)- 5×5
Cool down flow – pick one
Since you’re doing 5 sessions a week the main movement will be done each session, for an accessory lift you can pick any exercise your choose from the basic movement patterns.
Of course it doesn’t have to be 5×5, however when I’ve done this personally that worked very well.
You could pick different rep ranges each time, it generally doesn’t matter.
Say you had Pistols as the 10,000 rep challenge movement.
The accessory ones might be Bench Press, Pull Up, Farmers Walk and a Deadlift on the mix every other week, the options are endless.
This kind of thing is more about having fun with it and giving yourself some short term focus.
When it comes to breaking down he main lift, the reps and sets are up to you.
You might do 10’s, 5’s, wave’s, ladders or one mammoth set of unbroken reps because you’re a monster.
Give the above some thought and if it takes your fancy, give it a go.
If not, search previous posts, you’ll find a lot of other programs on this page.

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Does your training match your goal?

“What training should I be doing?”
A common question many ask me, and also various other people in the industry.
Would you be surprised if I told you it has many answers, probably not I’d imagine.
If I have to give an answer these days it is this:
What ever is most sustainable for you.
Now we can all agree that to achieve a specific goal there needs to be a certain style of training and nutrition followed, this may be something you can repeat forever, or it might crush you mentally and be too hard, that’s just how it goes.
While we can all aspire or think of achieving a goal, it doesn’t mean we’re capable because it doesn’t gel with who we are and what we’re prepared to do.
Going against what everyone else will say, you can’t achieve everything you want, regardless of how hard yo try or how much you want it, life doesn’t work like that, sadly.
This of course doesn’t mean to not dream or strive for more, however there does need to be some sense of logic applied from time to time.
Given the above my question to you is this; what training can you repeat consistently?
In the answer will often be the level of success to which you will succeed.
Take muggins here for example.
I will never look like a body builder because I find the training far too dull for me, it just does nothing for me, yet some form of full body athletic endeavour and my ear prick up.
Some may call it CrossFit, I wouldn’t because it’s actually programmed well 😂
I jest, ish.
What training do you enjoy?
Does it align with the goal you harbour deep down?
If the answer is a resounding yes, then you may just have your cake and eat it, however if it is a ‘no’ then while you may enjoy what you do, it might not provide the result you desire.
So long as you feel that you are in a place that’s good for you, then that’s a massive win in my book.

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Know your goal

Is your goal really your own?

A question more people should ask themselves.

How often have you heard of people achieving their goal only to be left feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled?

You’d be surprised to find out that it’s actually quite common.

There are many people who undergo certain tasks to achieve what they think they want, when in reality they’re achieving what they’ve been told they want.

A very common state of affairs.

Have you ever honestly sat down and thought about why you’re doing what you’re doing?

I’d be surprised if you had, pleasantly surprised.

Knowing the underlying reasons is key to long term success and sustainability.

That said, it’s not something people give much thought to.

Might be worth considering before you set your next goal.


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