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Training programs on the internet are a dime a dozen

There are two types of people in the fitness world.
Well, there is actually a lot more however for the purpose of this post I’m saying there is two because the premise demands it to be so 😂
You have those who wish to train every day and those who don’t.
Both can utilise what I will share below.
You might have seen I’m on a bit of a thing with planned randomisation lately.
I know, it’s an impressive oxymoron.
As such we shall be call in on our friend the coin, once again utilising the wisdom of Harvey Dent and letting fate decide.
You will have two options for training:
Session Type:
Heads = Strength
Tails = Cardio
Strength Sessions:
Heads = Push, Hinge, Loaded Carry
Tails = Pull Squat, Movement
Strength Session Rep/Set Structure:
Heads = 1-2-3-4-5, Up to 5 total set
Tails = 3-5min per lift (constant lifting), 2-3 sets
^ Progress can be down to you going on feel or mastery of the loads you’re using.
^^ Pick any lift your feel fits the movement pattern, I’d say to stick with that movement for 4-6 sessions in total.
Cardio Sessions:
Heads = Intervals
Tails = Steady State
Cardio Session Structure: Intervals
Heads = Burst Cardio: 20-30min total, HR Zones 70-95%*
Tails = 30on/90off x5-15 sets
*You work until you hit 95% of your max heart rate, then slow down and stop to recover, focus on on breathing and lowering your HR, once it’s back at 70% you sprint again, repeating this for the desired time.
Cardio Session Structure: Steady State
Heads = 45min, HR Zones 60-70% MHR
Tails = 30min HR 70-80% MHR
^ You can choose any method to get your CV needs met.
^^ This also means things like kettlebell swings, snatches etc.
There you have it, a simple and planned structure that is also random, ish 😂
Oh yea, for those who don’t want to train all that often you flip the coin to decide if your’e training that day or not.
Heads = Training
Tails = Not Training
Please be aware that they above is just something novel.
You may love this idea, or you might think it’s terrible, either way who you train is your own choice.

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We’ll let fate decide

Harvey Dent, he was on to something. 

You thought we could be decent men, in an indecent time! But you were wrong. The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced… fair. His son’s got the same chance she had. Fifty-fifty.” *Holding two-headed coin*

In the past you’ve probably seen a post of five about how to use a dice to decide your training.

Today we’re going to go even further down the rabbit hole of randomness and find out the secrets of the humble coin. 

Admittedly you will end up with some very minimalistic training, however it will take any excess thought away from you.

This is ideal for those who claim to get lost with training or are unsure of what to do.

One simply has to have faith in the coin and follow the pattern it leaves. 

Here is how you can apply it to your training, be warned though, this is also an exercise in faith, do you have the courage to do what they coin dictates or not?

Okay, to decide if you are training today or not grab a coin and flip it. 

Heads = Training Today 

Tails = No Training Today 

Now for the interesting part, if you’re training today it’s time to find out how.

Heads = Strength 

Tails = Conditioning 

This is where you can play with all the nuance.

Say you got strength, here are some options once you flip the coin again:

Heads = Push, Hinge, Loaded Carry 

Tails = Pull, Squat, Loaded Carry 

Now for some reps/sets:

Heads = 5-3-2-5-3-2-5-3-2

Tails = 6-1-1–1-1-20

There you go, training for the day. 

If you got tails for conditioning this might be your menu.

Heads = Fartlek at 70%> MHR 

Tails = Steady State at <70% MHR

^^ You choose whichever modality you feel like. 

One thing you’ll find with the above is that the less chose the better, however there is another reason for it. 

You will suddenly find out that you know exactly what you want to be doing, you were just being a bit lazy in making a choice because if you really want a strength day and end up with a conditioning one it soon makes you realise your goals. 

Same is true for a day you want to train and end up having the coin tell you not to.

Flip 1 –

Heads = Training Today 

Tails = No Training Today 

Flip 2 – 

Heads = Strength = 10x TGU (5 per arm) 

Tails = Conditioning = 100 Single Arm Swings (50 each arm) 

Super simple, super effective. 

This concept isn’t new, however the unpredictability just makes for some interesting times. 

How would you progress?

Who knows, perhaps if you use the TGU above you could keep doing that until you hit a half-bodyweight get up for all the reps with ease, the options are many, power if you only train for fun like you claim then just pick a random target and see what happens.

Personally I prefer the dice, yet can apply the train/don’t train to the dice by say 1-3 = train and 4-5 = don’t train, then go from there. 

In a world where there is so much confusion, stress and uncertainty leaving your training in the hands of fate can make for quite the change. 

I’ve found that things like the coin/dice and total randomness of training days makes you appreciate the days you do train and you also put in more effort because from experience those who train with intent & heart, even if infrequently, tend to get more progress than some of the workout-warriors who do 2-3 hours in the gym each day. 

^^ When applied to the gen-pop.

All in all it’s just bit of fun, which is what you said you wanted, right?

Or perhaps now seeing this you know it’s not fun you want, it’s emoting else entirely.

Give it some thought. 



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