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The Nose Knows

Heart rate monitors and tracking things to the finest detail are not for everyone.

There is another way you can regulate your efforts in training, you will actually learn to listen to your body and know just how fatigued you really are.

3 Stage Breathing

  • Nasal (breathing in and out only through the nose)
  • Nasal/Mouth (in through the nose, out through the mouth
  • Mouth (breathing in and out through the mouth)

The first stage can be considered pace breathing, the second is utilised for more vigour activity and the last many deem to be panic breathing, or in a fitness sense a max effort.

When training you can regulate your sets based on how you breath.

You’ll find that Nasal only will keep your efforts in a very manageable realm, it may even feel like you’ve not done too much and you’d leave feeling energised and strong. Once you start to lose the rhythm you’d rest, the begin once again when you feel your heart calm.

Next up would be training to the point where you can continue to breath in deeply through your nose and are forced to exhale via your mouth do to an increased effort, think sub-max, as this is sustainable and will be easy to recover from, meaning once you feel your heart calm you get back to it.

Lastly this is where you’d be pushing a max effort, you’d stop once you’d no longer be able to continue with the same level of intensity, your recovery comes in the form of being able to breath nasally again, that means you’re read to go again.

Basing your rest periods on how you breathe will be very eye opening for you.

Not only will you be able to gain more control of your HR, it will also show if you’re recovered or are perhaps suffering some lingering fatigue, this is because it will take you longer to calm your heart if your in a state closer to constant sympathetic dominance and in a touch of deep in-road.

While it will take time to get used to, this is a wonderfully personal way of training based on your own individual level of fatigue.

Give it a go the next time you train.

Split the types of breathing in to Hard-Medium-Easy days.

  • Easy day = Nasal Only (in/out)
  • Medium day = Nasal (in) & Mouth (out) > once back to nasal only = recovered for next effort
  • Hard day = Mouth (in/out) > once back to nasal only = recovered for next effort


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