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Nothing fancy, just some options for people

3 Methods for your consideration.
One for strength, one for hypertrophy, one for fat loss.
All three are simple, sustainable and repeatable if you ever find yourself at a loss.
So, let’s get started.
Strength –
– Hit each muscle group 2-5 times per week
– 10-25 reps per lift
– Use a load of 85%+
– 3-5min rest
– A1/A2 jump sets resting 2min between each
– 2-4 lifts per workout
– Lower/Upper combination each workout
A1 – Deadlift 8×2
A2 – Press 8×3
Rest – repeat A1
Hypertrophy –
– Hit each muscle group 2-4 times per week
– 25-50 reps per left
– Use a load of 70-80%
– 90 seconds to 3 min rest
– Japanese Drop Set: 4×6 + 1×25 rep drop set
– 2-4 lifts per workout
– Legs-Pull-Push split
A1 – Bench Press 4x6x75kg,80kg, 85kg, 90kg
The first drop set is done at the weight you performed at your last set of 6 for as many reps as possible, once momentary muscle fail is hit drop the weight 5-10% and continue for another AMRAP, keep repeating this until you hit the 25 rep target.
Fat Loss –
– Hit each muscle group 2-3 times per week
– 20-50 reps per left
– Use a load of 60-70%
– <60 seconds rest
– 50-30-20, rep goals per exercise + 3 *Tabata finishers
– 3 lifts per workout
– Full Body
A1 – Dumbbell Clean & Press 5×10
B1 – Inverted Row 3×10
C1 – Squat 1×20
* Tabata set up – 20 sec on, 10 sec off x 8 rounds – the choices of exercise are as follows: Swings, Sprints (rowing, run, cycle etc), Loaded carries, Battle ropes, etc.
All three of the methods above are simple, effective and can also work well if cycled together in small training blocks, for example: Strength,Hypertrophy, Strength, Fat Loss – using the numbers you hit in the Strength block to set the loads for the other two and so on.

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