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The Dogs…

Mans best friend is quite literally, mans best friend.

You can learn a lot from animals. Be that fighting styles, movement patterns, survival tactics and even psychology, influence and persuasion.

Wait… You can learn psychology, influence and persuasion from a dog?

Yes, yes you can.

Think about it, we know when a dog wants something even though it can’t communicate in any form of human language, but it’s still able to get us to either feed it, take it for a walk or play with it.


The dog is never forceful, it’s like a child, it just keeps asking until you give in. Just as children do. When people try to sell something they will make up excuses that people are not ready to buy, or they will come back… Bollocks is what I say to that, it just means you did’t ask enough of the right questions.

When we look at the humble creature, we’re often drawn in by it’s friendly appearance (unless it’s pissed off that is). Most dogs will always come up an greet you with what we could say is a smile and friendly aura.

What do we do when this happens?

We kneel down and pet the animal.

How many times have you gone to a friends or relatives house and greeted the dog before you human counterpart? A fair few would be my guess. These creatures seems to have a profound influence on our emotions, all because they know instinctively to appeal to the higher emotional brain because that’s how they get what they want – REMEMBER THAT ONE.

As they appeal to our emotions this makes a strong connection and our brain agrees that giving them what they want it the best option.

Dogs are very clever animals, they learn, despite what people say about teaching old dogs. They will find what works and use it repeatedly, if it stops working they will try a lot of other methods until they find one that works again, if only humans would do this too.

Something else to keep in mind about these amazing animals is their unrelenting attitude to catch the car, find the ball and get up every time the fall down, now that really is something to aspire too.

It would seem the secret to rapport, face to face business and even happiness lay with the dogs.

Lessons from Dog:

– Be Friendly
– Always Greet People Warmly
– Be Persistent
– Learn & Try New Things
– Appeal to Emotion & Intellect
– Stay Loyal
– Never Give Up


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Tips for Trainers: Return on Investment

Trainers will often fall to their default knowledge 9/10 times and teach people what they enjoy or find easy to coach. While there is nothing with this expanding your knowledge should be a priority and attending courses in your chosen field is a must for any hungry trainer.

Everyone enjoys attending courses that peak their own interests, if this fits in with the niche your business is based on and your style of client then that’s brilliant and feel free to attend all you desire, but if your average client ins’t interested in the same things you are then your courses could be a slight waste of your time and money.

There are a few styles of courses that often offer invaluable information, namely the following:

– Nutrition
– Biomechanics
– NLP/Psychology

Why these 3 specifically?

Those courses have very transferable knowledge that can be applied to almost any type of client and will normally improve your business, where as courses like:

– Olympic Lifting
– Sports Specific S&C
– Specialist Equipment (Bulgarian Bags, TRX, Kettlebells etc)

May not have a lot of relevance to your clients, no for lack of effectiveness, rather lack of equipment or the correct facilities to train them in, not to mention the specific goals of the clients themselves.

It’s highly encouraged that you attend courses to develop your skills, just make sure they are relevant and will offer a return on your investment. If you pay £300 for a weekend course then you will want to make £3000 from that course in the space of 1 year, unless you’re doing a course purely for your own academic masturbation.


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Tips for Trainers

Yesterdays post was pertaining to Psychology and its importance in how successful your business will be.

It seems the point of the post was sadly missed.

While it is understandable that you want to know how you can get someone stronger

(Progressive overload with planned regression to a base point higher than the original.)

Or what is the best method to lose fat

(strength training combined with interval cardio)

And what nutrition protocols work the best for fat loss

(Eat more protein, eat more fibre, drink more water and eat less processed foods.)

Or muscle gain

(Same as fat loss with less cardio)

The importance of learning more about PEOPLE can’t be stressed enough because without being able to connect with people you won’t have a business, it’s that simple.

Here are 3 more tips on making those vital connections with people and gaining new clients:

1 – Don’t sing your own praises as this will not make you look confident when you start out, it will make you look arrogant. Instead have other people sing your praises for you. How can you do this with no clients?

You help people by giving them advice you would normally charge for thus getting them past a sticking point or plateau. You’re essentially doing them a favour, in return they will help you when you ask them by writing perhaps a short testimonial or giving you some before/after pictures as the result of your free advice.

Remember most of the time when people give you a gift you feel inclined to do the same at some point down the road.

2 – Don’t make people feel stupid. Saying something such as:

“Let me prove it to you.” or “I will do XYZ”

Need to be used carefully because this can give off the impression that you feel you’re better than the person you’re trying to help (Even if it’s true, never make them feel that is the case.), people want to be on equal terms.

Treat people with respect and they will reciprocate, some will even go beyond that and give you the highest praise imaginable which is worth its weight in gold.

3 – Be passionate about what they are passionate about. If you love lifting weight but they love cardio you now love cardio too.


We want to be around people who are like us. We feel more comfortable in the presence of those who share the same passions, interests and ideals so being like a chameleon and matching what is around you will help you build more bridges and create a good name for yourself.

If building a business was as simple as simply knowing your stuff there would be a lot more successful trainers in the world but unfortunately there isn’t.


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Tips for Trainers

If there is one thing I enjoy more than training it’s reading.

Knowledge is how we grow and become more than we were yesterday, yet still hungry enough to achieve even more tomorrow.

While a lot of you will be enthusiastic about learning training techniques, intensity protocols, nutrition and anything pertaining to fitness there will be one thing that you fail to take much notice of.

Want to know what that is?


Learning how to connect with people and understand their individual needs is what separates trainers who succeed and those who don’t.

It’s quite common for people to have a grand vision and dream of how clients will flock to them. In fact I’m sure some of you already have people who’ve said the following:

“When you qualify I will train with you.”

I have a harsh truth… they won’t. Or at least most of them won’t because talk is cheap and people are eager to please.

Learning some basics in psychology will help you, no if’ but’ or maybe’… it will help you, trust the voice of experience.

When you qualify you will NEED to speak to a lot of people to build rapport and establish your name and reputation. In doing this people will start to respect you and therefore be more likely to train with you.

Here are 3 quick tips to use every day:

1 – Smile at everyone and ask for their name twice. Yep, twice. Even if you got it the first time simply say “I didn’t quite catch that, please can you repeat it so I hear your name clearly”.

The sound of a person’s name is the sweetest thing they can ever hear, asking them to repeat it CLEARLY shows you actually care about knowing their name (this scores lots of respect points).

2 – Be genuinely interested in them. The most common thing people say is ‘I’ its been proved that people love talking about themselves. The more you listen to a person the more interesting you will become to them (you will also learn what they like/dislike  and can build lots of rapport off that info).

3 – Ask them questions where the answer is yes. This creates a pattern and helps when you have enough rapport to ask for business.

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