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Form Fixer 3000

Beautifully Boring & Brilliant.
I have a question for you.
On a scale on 1- dear god my eyes, how would you rate your own lifting form?
What you will find below is a little something I’ve used with people to improve their form within three weeks (because it works on a 3-week wave, because I like those).
I’ve personally used the above on the following:
Swings, Cleans, Power Snatches, Presses, Pull Ups, and a few other movements.
⚠️ – Be warned, the volume builds quickly.
The overall set up is based on three sessions per week.
You can do it with only two sessions, you’d simply find it extends the cycle from 3-weeks to 5-weeks.
Here is how it works:
– Select 1 prime movement/lift
– Perform singles*
– Each rep must be done with crisp clean form
– Loading 50-70% 1RM (as a guide)
*Progressions & rep schemes:
Week 1:
Session 1 – 100 singles
Session 2 – 100 doubles
Session 3 – 100 triples
Week 2:
Session 1 – 100 doubles
Session 2 – 100 triples
Session 3 – 100 fours
Week 3:
Session 1 – 100 triples
Session 2 – 100 fours
Session 3 – 100 fives
👆 At this stage you’ve got a choice, you can either change your lift after the 100×5, increase the load or repeat the week 3 if you feel you need more time there.
It’s a lot of volume, you’ll find that your accessory lift will do well to fall into the realms of 3×8-12 and simply run everything else as maintenance lifting.
This overall idea of this is to solidify your form in one lift/movement.
It works especially well with kettlebells and classic barbell lifts as you really learn the skill of the lift and the set up.
Give it some thought.

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