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Buys or Productive?

Do you like the feeling of constantly doing something?
That’s probably a yes, most people do.
Well, in a training sense anyway as it gives them that dopamine/adrenaline hit they may be seeking.
As such here is a novel way to feel like you’re constantly on the move while actually getting in ample rest to allow for progress to be made.
Ax1min +Bx1min +Cx1min & repeat for 30-45min
Here is how it works.
Set a timer for your desired number of rounds, each lasting one minute, basically an EMOM with a little panache.
A – Kettlebell Swing x10
B – Push Up x10
C – Farmers Walk or Loaded Carry x20m
(Each set should last about 10-15 seconds or less)
Perform you reps, rest the remainder of the minute then proceed to the next movement, repeat until all sets are completed and time is up.
Seems easy on paper, and if people find it easy then they have these two options to change that:
1 – Utilise CA more (powerful concentric reps)
2 – Heavier loads that requires more force generation
I have found over the years that the above is actually best suited to people who are already strong, well trained or actually put in 100% each rep they perform.
Weaker people or beginners just don’t get the same effects due to their lack of ability, sounds harsh yet it’s true.
The idea of this style of lifting is quality and ample rest while having people still feel/think they’re constantly doing something.
Now it’s true that the power/force output will be a tad lower doing this than it would by doing say 10 all out reps of something and then resting for 3min, yet most won’t like that due to feeling like they need to be doing more.
Actually that’s worth touching on.
Are you someone who needs to feel that way, you know, that you’re always doing something, or leaving a session destroyed is how they all must end or you’ve let yourself down?
If that sounds like you I implore you to rethink this.
While it seems like a good idea it really isn’t, and while in some cases it will provide a short term gain it will usually come at the cost of longevity.
I know many won’t listen to the above, yet those that do will find they get better results than they have before.
2-4 days per week of the above will be sufficient for most, sticking with the same movements for say 6-12 weeks, oh yes, the same session each time.
^ This is where waviness will need to come into play, you’ll find previous posts on that concept buried on this page somewhere.
You should investigate this thoroughly.

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