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Minute Minder

EMOM – every minute on-the minute.
A classic little training methodology born from weightlifting.
Did you know that?
Well, to the best of my knowledge that is where it came from, typically focused on lifting complexes that housed the main or derivative variations of the Snatch/Clean & Jerk.
One of the main reasons for these was to have people improve their work capacity by increasing overall training density (work done per unit of time).
They were also following an interval training guideline.
So 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, or even 1/5 for work to rest ratios.
Doing this would mean that the common length of complex, or series of movements, reps etc, would last no longer than 5-30 seconds to allow for optimal performance and high work capacity.
Most would fall in the 10-15 second mark of work/effort, meaning the rest would be 5x or 3x the length, meaning a better quality of rep.
One mistake a lot of people make now is that they program things far too close to the mark of 30 seconds, or even 40 seconds of work and have very limited rest.
While that is a viable and in fact very useful option for some circumstances and outcomes, it’s not the main purpose behind EMOM’s, well, traditional ones anyway.
Keeping this in mind will serve you well.
You see there is a little thing called the ‘Neurological Scale of Demands’ and the higher up this you climb or program your training the more rest you will need between efforts.
Example: When compared –
Barbell Snatch = high neurological demand
Prowler Push = low neurological demand
The snatch would be an EMOM of say 2-3 reps (10seconds total starting effort), where as the sled you could push for 40m and potentially take as long as 30 seconds in the first rounds.
^ They both have different training outcomes, the big question is do you know what outcome you’re actually after?
One forgotten element of EMOM’s is that if you’re planing on one lasting longer than 10min you’ve got to account for fatigue.
This means what may start off being a 10-15 second effort for the first 10min will become more like a 20second one in the next 10 and creep up further as you increase your total amount of rounds/mins working.
Your reason for slowdown may be because you end up performing each rep as a single, which is acceptable, if however it’s because you’re losing RFD and speed of reps then that would say to me you’re done for the day.
Of course people won’t stop, they’d keep grinding our the reps, poorly, slowly, and as such lose their training effect meaning they’re not providing an adaptive stimulus, they’re simply making themselves tired now.
By all means you can do that, it’s just not wise.
Anyway, here are 5 of my personal favourites:
1 – Kettlebell Jerks x6-10 x10-20min EMOM
2 – Kettlebell Single Arm Swing x5 x10-20min EMOM
3 – BB Clean > FS > Push Press x1-3-2 x15min EMOM
4 – Pull Ups (varied grips) x5 x30min EMOM
5 – Loaded Carry (50%+ BW) x20-30m x30min EMOM
Give these a try, they’re great at improving your CV, strength, shifting body fat, yielding some LBM increase and overall mental resilience.

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