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Consistency, not all it’s cracked up to be

Being consistent is said to be the most important element of making any headway in regards to training/progress.
Now this isn’t untrue, yet it’s merely a part of the equation.
You’ve also got to keep these elements in mind too:
– Optimal Training
– Appropriate Nutrition
– Clear Goal(s)
– Patience
There are plenty of consistent people in life, diligently doing their thing with little to show for it.

You’ll also find people that are inconsistent and yet get great results that stick around (due to nailing the other three of the four elements mentioned above), this frustrates many, yet it holds a valuable lesson – right is right. 

Fair enough some are not interested in the tangible side of progression and do it purely for the mental/social benefits, this is cool yet that’s not who we’re talking about here.
Think about it for a second, how many years have you been consistent?
Did it pay off as you’d hoped or was the end result now what you expected because mentally it just wasn’t really the right goal for you, or was something else off because knowing can help you move forwards.
Once you’ve achieved a goal it’d a good idea to sit and reflect on it.
Make a list of the things you learned.
What was good, great or went better than expected.
How many times did you find it getting hard and not really worth the effort that caused you to slip a little or have a wobble or two, because that happens and provides some valuable insight.
Learning to not only love the process, learning how to break it down is also crucial.
Honest introspection can reveal many things.
Was the training optimal, did you have the right nutrition for the task or did you find you’d put yourself under too much pressure to achieve something far faster than is actually possible?
All questions to ask yourself.
Essentially you’re doing an After Action Report.
Although after-action reports may vary, here are the main components you need to be sure to include:
Improvement/action plan.
You can hop on google for more detail on AAR’s.
To share some experience of my training and one key thing learned, consistency & patience have never been the issues my end personally.
The issue could be found in training, nutrition or the goal.
My common issues –
Training: doing too much and not willing to apply the appropriate methods for the proclaimed goal (fear or regression).
Nutrition: simply didn’t eat enough, always the issue.
Goal(s): rarely being sure what it was I actually wanted and letting ego dictate based on the opinions of others and what I thought I wanted, rather than sitting down and thinking about it properly.
^ The last one being the real element. A lot of us will pick goals that are not a representation of what we really desire, we simply pick them because other people have advised it, or it’s just a popular trend to follow.
It’d be great if you can share some of your reflections.
You can be the most consistent person in the world, yet constantly walking in the wrong direction is still walking in the right direction no matter which way you slice it.

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