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Did you say volume?

A little training protocol that is nothing magic, it’s just something that sprung to mind ad thought I’d share it before the ether claims it.

Day 1 – Max Effort Volume in 45min
Day 2 – 40% Volume of Day 1
Day 3 – 70% Volume of Day 1

You’d do well to perhaps pick one movement to focus on for this.

Some rare individuals can perhaps many two (maybe splitting the sessions to AM/PM), yet for most just one will be better, and any extra work you decide to do on the 3 days would be in the form of simple maintenance – 3×8 & 1min rest betweens sets.

That’s it really, nothing too fancy just good old fashioned work.

As a recommendation I’d suggest the lift you pick will do well to be loaded at 70% of your current max, from here you’d need a total volume target that when achieved you can increase the total load and work towards hitting that volume target with a max of 85% of that lifts max.


  • Squat – Current 1RM 100kg – Starting load 70kg
  • Total volume goal in 45min – 225 reps (or more, your choice)
  • Load increase each time total volume hit +5-10%
  • Reps per set – chosen at your discretion (5’s, 8’s, 10’s, a combination, all are acceptable)

Here is what a training week may look like:

Day 1 –
W/U – General Flow Work
A1 – Squat – 45min timer – 70kg – reps achieved (make note, we shall say 160 for the purpose of this example)
B1 – Dip 3×8
B2 – Chin Up 3×8
B3 – Reverse Fly 3×8
C/D – Genreal Stretch

Day 2 – (3 days later)
W/U – General Flow Work
A1 – Squat – 45min timer – 70kg – reps 40% Day 1 (40% of 160 = 64 total reps)
B1 – Z Press 3×8
B2 – Pendlay Row  3×8
B3 – Curl 3×8
C/D – Genreal Stretch

Day 3 – (2 days later)
W/U – General Flow Work
A1 – Squat – 45min timer – 70kg – reps 70% Day 1 (70% of day 1 = 112 total reps)
B1 – Incline Press 3×8
B2 – V Handle Row  3×8
B3 – Skull Crusher 3×8
C/D – Genreal Stretch

^ The above would be a Monday-Thursday-Saturday training week.

You’ll find that keeping a focus on solid form, tension, and what Dr Hatfield coined as Compensatory Acceleration will have you making a lot of progress.

For accessory lifts (the 3×8 with 1min rest between sets), you can choose as you please, the main focus of this protocol is the volume lift.

There you have it, something simple and just good fun.


P.S – my choice of lifts for this would be Kettlebell Swings in the AM & Press Ups in the PM.

Accessory work, if fancied would simply be alternating Pull Ups, Pistols & Ab Roll-Outs in a GTG fashion through the day (every day, 3-5 reps), however that’s just me.

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