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Wait, you don’t want to be stronger?

“I’m not really interesting in getting strong or building much muscle, I just want to be a bit fitter and more toned.”
Usually when I hear those words I like to add in this –
“Ah, your a prime candidate for a darwin award then.”
While it’s fair that people may not wish to train to build strength and enhance their lean body mass, those people are stupid.
Yep you read that correctly.
Now unless said person is competing in a weight category based sport or has literally made out their genetic potential for strength that helps in their sports, those are the exceptions.
For everyone else in this world you’d do well to get stronger & build lean mass.
Apart from the numerous benefits to health, life and overall mental wellbeing you gain from the two things above, you’re also able to have more overall freedom in your life too.
Not needed to call on people for help moving things.
Being more robust so that injuries due to impact of accidents are reduced.
Maintaining your ability to move as you did in your formative years, all great additional benefits.
It always bothers me when people claim they don’t wish to get stronger or add lean body mass, like why wouldn’t you want those things?
Why wouldn’t you want to be better than you currently are?
Yes, again I just said something that would be considered offensive because it insinuates that people are not good enough as they are, which in a physical/health sense they usually aren’t.
Besides, being weak and skinny fat sucks major balls.
You may look acceptable in clothing yet strip that away and behold, Mumm Ra.
If you are one of these people I truly would love for you to share you opinions and views as to why you feel as you do.
Not to berate or bring you down, it’s to understand because in my narrow view of the world strength/LBM makes everything better and why someone wouldn’t want that is truly baffling.

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