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The worlds most simple (well, one of) warm up ever.

It covers everything you need.
– Inchworm
– Goblet Squat
– Inverted Row
This will get you fired up for a session in a GPP sense.
Now most people start to wonder about reps, in all honesty the options are endless, for me though I will look at hitting 100 total reps (with crisp form) in the GS/IR, the IW about 25-50 as 100 of those is horrid.
Here is how it might look: 10min of
– Inchworm x5
– Goblet Squat x10
– Inverted Row x10
Or perhaps this: 10min of
– Inchworm x10
– Goblet Squat x20
– Inverted Row x20
Maybe even this: 10min of
– Inchworm 1-2-3
– Goblet Squat x2-3-5
– Inverted Row x2-3-5
Nothing fancy, just 3 movements a lot of people need.

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