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This little set of sessions just sprung to mind.
As such I felt sharing them to you good people who wish to be told what to do training wise might be useful.
– Train there days per week
– Follow the session order of A-B-C-D
– Once you achieve the targets either increase the loads, change the movements or do something else entirely.
Session A – Intensity
W/U: Loaded Carries x15min (50%+ BW)
A1 – FS 6×3 (build to 6×6 adding 1 rep each session)
Rest 2min
A2 – Weight Pull Up x2-4
Rest 2min – Repeat A1 unit sets completed
C/D – Stretch Problem Areas
Session B – Volume
W/U: Crawling Patterns x15min
A1 – Dip Ladder 1 rep up to 10 or 20
A2 – Deadlift x1-2
Rest as required – no sloppy reps
C/D – Stretch Problem Areas
Session C – Conditioning
W/U: Loaded Carries x15min (50%+ BW)
A1 – Swings 5on, 15off x30-90 sets
C/D – Stretch Problem Areas
Session D – Recovery
W/U: Climbing Patterns x15min
A1 – Movement Flow (yep, just move in any/every way you can) x30min
C/D – Stretch Problem Areas
Nothing fancy, however you’ll notice this trend:
Movement pattern focus:
Session A = Squat/Pull
Session B = Push/Hinge
Session C = Hinge
Session D = All of the above
You can change your variation of the movement as you see fit once targets are hit, jus focus on the movements instead of simply seeking out exercises.

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