2019, it’s been interesting

A word or few for 2020.
Just because someone disagrees that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily wrong, nor does it mean your right when someone agrees with you.
We all have an ego you see.
Typically it will do what it can to validate itself.
In essence it’s also trying to protect you and as such it will have you gravitate towards that which ‘feels’ good.
This is where you have to beware.
It can be easy to allow this place too encapsulate you.
You will find it’s called the comfort zone, or as I’ve grown to see it over the years, your Kingdom.
As the ruler you’ll be above reproach.
Able to banish anyone that doesn’t fit your doctrine, welcome all those who do and vanquish anything that questions your beliefs.
While this is a comfortable place to be, it’s a dangerous one.
You see the King or Queen of such a place will grow complacent, weak, unaware and eventually the Kingdom will fall, and all that will be left is ruins and flickering embers from the fires of truth that will inevitably find their way to you.
By all means build an impressive edifice.
Just be sure to also keep the drawbridge down to allow people into your courtyard and perhaps even your court to discuss new ideas and changing times.
Avoid circular thinking, pointless points that do bring anything to a conversation and seek to understand before you see to impose your own understanding (or be understood).
I hope you have a good final day in 2019.

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