Well, shit 😂😂😂
Yesterday was down to be an H-Day training wise for me.
^^ This meant pushing the numbers to see how close to the target I was.
The initial H-Day was done 8 sessions ago.
I hit 54 reps out of 75 with a pair of 32kg bells in the KB double rack squat.
While nothing Earth shattering in regards to loading, it was the best option now the injuries (accidental) were healed, plus not being near a gym it made logical sense.
Off of the 54 reps there were L/M-Days programmed:
L-Day: 21 total reps with 2x32kg bells (40% of H-Day reps)
M-Day: 36 total reps with 2x32kg bells (70% of H-Day reps)
^^ I alternated these session to session, with either ladders of 1-2-3-4-5-6, 3-4×3 and 1-2-3 for the L-Day and each medium day ended up being 2-4-6×3.
These were done every 3 days.
So not really pushing the envelope too much, just getting in volume slowly and focusing on the tension, speed and form of each set/reps.
Yesterday came the ladder test which had the goal of 5×1-2-3-4-5.
I choose to super-set this with pull ups just because.
In 44min all 75reps had been done with minimal rest, no from breakdown, in fact as I became deeper into the sets/reps the form got better, stronger and kept increasing in RFD.
A classic WTH (what the hell) effect.
it’s funny how little we can do and really make good progress.
Now that target has been hit there is a choice to be made.
Take up my own challenge of the ‘5 a Day’ or go for another block of the above with 2x40kg bells.
Since I’ve not done any bar work I may opt for the ‘5 a day’ then once that is done go back to the KBs, after all there is no rush.
How often do you get a WTH-effect in your training?

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