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A New Challenger Appears

Next year I offer a basic challenge.
There are two parts though, the first is all about trust.
To give yourself over to the process can be hard, while the rewards are often to be found at the place where X marks the spot, we must get there first.
Knowing the destination help the journey.
This being better health, mental fortitude, increased lean body mass and much more.
Technical as this is ^^ it doesn’t really mean anything to a lot of people.
Thus this is the real destination –
‘Feeling comfortable & confident in your own self, it’s the first step to being happier.’
This can translate to looking at yourself without even the notion of grabbing your problem area like you repeatedly do currently.
Mentally being abel to smile with inside and out because you can have pride in the life changes you make.
Gaining strength to shrug off comments and let them wash over you because you’ll no longer give people the power to make you feel bad as you realise only you can allow people to hurt you with words or put you down.
While people may try (and they will), you can let them and simply refuse the permission they seek to have you accept their words and feel bad, remember that they’re trying to give you their negative feelings and all their own self doubt.
Instead of accepting it, understand they’re hurting and let them say their piece, offer kindness back, seek not their approval, seek your own.
Apologies, I’m rambling again.
Here’s the preview for those astute enough to check here.
Part 1 – Building Neurological Strength
– Choose 5 lifts/movements
– Each session 5 total sets of 5 are performed*
– You lift 5 days per week
– Always leave the gym feeling fresh, strong
– 20 session is the commitment, strength is the outcome
The purpose of this is to have you become more ‘wired’ and create stronger circuits so that you can go from 0-60 fast.
*By 5 total sets that means 1 working set of 5 reps per lift.
^^ Yes, only 1×5, no ramping lifts, you simply load up and lift for a set of five reps.
While you can play with the loading as you see fit the idea is to gain effortless strength and because you’ve only got one set you’d had better make it count.
This is a tactic I’ve used with people who compete in various sports or have hobbies that need strength yet also require them to accumulate as little fatigue as possible as not to negatively affect their hobby/sport/life.
You may also find that the above seem scary.
Almost like it isn’t enough to make real progress on, thus the emption to do more will creep in, you just resist this call.
Now you may be wondering about how to load the above, where are you meant to start?
There are two ways you can know what weights to use.
1 – in the first week of Jan test the fist movements/lifts you pick, work up to a ‘sorta max’ (gym max that has crips form), from this you’d be looking to effortless lift 40-60% of this for 5 with a little prep as possible.
^^ Like in real life we don’t always get to have a full RAMP to a heavy load, the higher your base strength and neurological firing ability becomes the more it will serve you.
2 – Use an RM calculator, then take 40-60% from the estimated 1RM.
Here would be my choices – Barbell Only
– Deadlift (double overhand)
– Power Clean
– Press (overhead)
– Front Squat
– Ab Rollout
^^You can pick whatever you want literally anything.
Personally I won’t use any extensive warm ups for the above and here is why….
The exercise order.
A deadlift is a basic human movement, while not the most technically complex it will serve to potentiate (RAMP) the body for the rest.
While one set of five may not seem like much, it’s enough.
Thinking about increasing your weights slowly and without struggle is the goal, this means not grinding or missed reps.
As well as forging stronger neurological pathways (strength-skill, lifting skill), you will also learn to listen to your body, to auto-regulate (also known as cybernetic periodisation in older writing).
Knowing when to push, when to back off and more importantly how to let go of your ego.
The above is just 4 weeks of your life, not take a leap faith?
Part 2, that lasts longer and is far more to most peoples liking, however to get to part two part one is a must.
Will you be joining me on January 6th 2020 to start the above?
If yes, great, if not that’s cool too.

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