I Renounce You

“Intent, that’s the key. Pouring your soul fully into your endeavour.
Greatness is there to be taken not by who’s strongest but by who’s left.
You see you don’t need to be born great to survive, you just need to survive to become great in the end.” – Unknown
How long have you been training now?
All in all my end it’s been over 20years.
20 years… Man, that’s a long time.
Looking back at all the skills that’ve been gained, lost, mastered and even forgotten, it’s quite something.
Lifting have been a staple for 15years, the goals changing from that of endurance based work for better sustained strength in a fight, to bone crushing raw strength for the platform and a single rep.
All the training has had a place, all has had it’s flaws or rather it’s exposed my flaws many times over.
There have been times of great progress and more of lacklustre lulls.
One lesson that has been learned through great resistance is that you must give away that which you desire willingly, then move forwards and you’ll find eventually that which you gave away comes back when the time is ready and you reap the rewards of that sacrifice tenfold.
We try so hard for so long.
Eventually we let go of our ego and resign ourselves to whatever may happen and in that moment we finally learn how to learn.
Often the process isn’t pleasant, it isn’t enjoyable and we don’t love it as people claim. In fact we hate it so passionately we can’t live without it.
We refuse it’s gift as long as we can.
Eventually though we become ready to let it teach, guide and carry us down the river to the place we need to be, and while that might not be the pace we’d like to be, it’s often the one that is most necessary for us to grow.
To break through your limits you must first acknowledge them.
None of this ‘anything is possible bullshit’.
Somethings are not meant for us until we accept this truth, we may only be able to achieve second tier heights in some areas that is just life, yet it’s not about trying to master everything.
It’s about knowing that which you can master.
While it might not be what you think, want or would like to be the arbiter of, it will be the one thing you truly master and command with complete serenity and no one else will ever come close.
You have to be willing to give yourself to the void.
Musashi Miyamoto knew this, that’s why he called it –
‘The Way’
When you’re ready to relinquish all to the above, you might just find it too.

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