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Focus on the 20% to achieve 80%

When you’re options are limited, you’ll soon realise what’s worth the effort.
In a training sense that is.
These days the gym has become the place where we will artificially get some external stress to help us adapt to become stronger, more resilient and generally better at being human.
As a species we need a few things from a physical aspect.
– Movement Capability
– Lifting Strength
– Cardiovascular Ability
We could argue for more, however those are some staples.
Movement capability simply means being able to crawl, climb, walk, run, jump, and essentially retain that which we gained as a child as we learned to move.
Lifting wise we need to pick thing up, carry them for distance and perhaps press them overhead.
Cardiovascular ability essentially equates to being abel to walks for hours on end, run when needed without getting winded and occasionally sprint after or away form something.
You can easily achieve all of the above in your training.
Day 1 – Movements – Crawling/Climbing (25-45min)
Day 2 – Strength – Hinge/Press/Carry (3-5×3-5)
Day 3 – Conditioning – Fartlek (25-45min)
Day 4 – Off
So damn simple.
You’d do well not to try and combine the methods though, while you can it will yield sub maximal results in all, whereas when you focus on just one trend each day you will achieve the sufficient amount of overload (hopefully) to adhere to GAS.
Take a look at your training, how much is fluff?
I’m betting at least 80%.
Cute the fluff, focus and doing less better and achieve the progress you deserve.

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