Evolution of Mind

Another day another opportunity to move.
The longer I spend in the realm of training and all things fitness related the more enjoyment is taken from smily moving.
While lifting is still a love, it’s not the dictator it once was.
Being able to have some fun and play is great.
Movement skill is something we all lose eventually, well, that is unless we are truly diligent and stay moving for as long as we can.
Across the experience gained there are somer interesting types of strength that can be gained form utilising only what your mother gave you (you).
– Quadrupedal
– Contralateral
– Unilateral
Single arm push ups from all angles.
Pistols that transition into fully supporting your bodyweight as you move.
The ability to hold you weight in a dead hang from one arm, and perhaps even begin to pull yourself up eventually.
All offer real world transfer/benefits.
Now this doesn’t mean you give up lifting because as great as moving and playing with a plethora of positions is, there’s no substitute for building impressive and raw absolute strength, that has plenty of real world applications too.
Pressing your own bodyweight or more overhead (or carry them for distance) and deadlifting 2-3xbw has plenty of positive benefits to life.
Now the truth is we can’t do it all, however we can do a lot.
– You can move daily and practice various skills.
– You can lift every 3-5 days and really put in an effort.
Think of it this way, crawling, climbing and practicing transitional work can be fun and great for basic strength & conditioning.
Then every 3rd or 5th day you go to the gym to Press & Hinge some hefty loads and build volume (you can also do carries here or do those as daily strength practice).
I can already here people panicking about the lack of balance.
You can alternate squatting and hinging patterns, you will still build some strong legs, swapping those every 3 days works nicely.
Press each time you train (vary the variation), as for puling you can do that daily in the form climbing, or just put in some heavy rows, cleans, weighted things etc.
Honestly unless you’re an athlete or training for a specific goal you can do what you like.
In fact these options make a great session rota:
Option 1:
– Snatches (any kit/variation)
– Deadlift (any kit/variation)
– Pull Ups (any kit/variations)
Option 2:
– Power Clean (any kit)
– Front Squat (any kit/variation)
– Press (any kit/variation)
Option 3:
– Press (any kit/variation)
– Deadlift (any kit/variation)
– Loaded Carry (any kit/variation)
Option 4:
– Zercher Squats ((any kit/variation)
– Loaded Carry (any kit/variation)
– Clean & Press (any kit/variation)
You’ll get a lot out of those, plus one combined with daily movement/play/practice there will be plenty other benefits as well (physique, strength, conditioning, mobility, life).
Funny how we change as we get a little older.
Something that has found it’s way into my thoughts is this:
“I’d like to become like Bamboo, strong yet able to flex, bend & flow with the wind.”
Not what I’d expect if you’d asked me 5 years ago what my thoughts would be.
Back then it was – “To become Flexible Steel.”
Which in essence is similar, yet not quite as free as Bamboo.
I guess looking at them together they’re almost one and the same, huh, funny.
How often do you make time to simply play and have fun?
Give it some thought.

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