3 Reasons most PT’s suck at programming

As harsh as this is you’ll find it’s more true than it should be.
💪 – They make everyone program about body budding
👩‍🏫 – A lack in the understanding of data tracking/trends
🥰 – Programming what they like to program
^^ Look at any training program an you’ll find it’s not too dissimilar from what they give everyone else.
Now if all of their clients are after a goal that is in the same real, say aesthetics, then the programming will indeed be very similar.
It’s quite ironic as many of them champion the whole ‘You need to find what works for you’ and then proceed to program essentially the same thing for everyone.
As mentioned before it’s less about finding what works for you and simply finding what works.
Yes there will be differences in volume tolerances and some of the subtle nuance of builds etc, yet in the end it’s all much of a muchness.
For example,
Want to be a sprinter? Train like sprinters train.
Want to be a body builder? Train like BB’ers train.
Want to be a thrower? Ye, you’ve guessed it, train like throwers train.
The fitness industry, or rather the qualifications in it are largely based off of the influence that Arnold had in the 70’s.
Just take a look at any level 2 or level 3 course and it’s basically all body building biased, and while there is nothing wrong with this method/philosophy of training it’s not the only tool.
The longer you spend in the industry the more you’ll see past all the smoke and mirrors, the biggest one being this:
🗣People will say what sounds right because they want your approval.🗣
I have discussions about the above all the time with people who while good at putting together basic programs for beginners and novices, they come unstuck when faced with someone who is actually at or above the level of intermediate.
^^ How do we judge levels?
Sports = numbers and performance trends, are they improving because if so then what you’re doing is working.
Aesthetic sports = does the person win/place, if so then it’s working.
Health = are the objective health markers improving and is the person actually improving in regards to quality of life, if they are then congratulations because it’s working.
It’s all pretty simple really, and as such these two questions will change your life (both for PT’s and average people).
1 – Is it working?
A = Yes > Continue as you are and track/make notes.
A= No, proceed to question two:
2 – Why is it not working (be honest)?
A = All progress made from current program = change it
A = You’re not doing something you’re meant to be doing = address you behavioural issues before changing the program.
Your coach/trainer should be in contact with you on a regular basis, adjusting your program to your needs as they change.
Your program should reflect your goal, not the training of the trainer, remember this.

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