The Flaw Behind an Old Saying

Chances are you’ve heard this before:
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.”
This isn’t actually true, well, not in regards to fitness.
In that realm if you do what you’ve always done you’ll get less each time you do it.
This is due to the law of accommodation.
Your body will get better at doing its specified task, using less energy over time as it becomes more efficient, then less muscle will be needed and eventually that will atrophy. Once that happens TDEE goes down, if there is then no adjustment in calories you’ll be in a surplus and that will eventually lead to fat gain.
The most difficult part is that people don’t want to give away what they are currently doing.
They have an emotional attachment to it you see.
Even if it serves no purpose anymore, they cling to it needlessly, even at the cost of progress.
Chances are you’re aware that the body needs to be constantly put under enough of a stimulus to warrant adaptation.
This is where you need to apply the ‘same yet different principle in to your training via volume, intensity, density (work capacity) or novelty.
The stimulus in question though needs to be large enough to actually warrant change otherwise you will fall prey to what is known as ‘transient accumulation process’ – this basically means that changes too small, too frequent or too random don’t allow the body enough time to catch on and adapt to, so it doesn’t.
Many fall into this trap, you can tell by looking at them and their overall level of muscularity, strength, conditioning and performance.
Harsh yet true for a large amount of the population, sadly.
– Beginners need change the least, every 12 weeks works well
– Intermediates around every 6-8 weeks will do
– Advanced it’s between 3-6 weeks
– Elite, well they do what ever they choose to do because they’re Elite
When was the last time you changed up your training enough to allow a positive yet empt stimulus that caused you to progress?
In fact when was the last time you made any progress at all?
Give the above some thought and if you’ve not really made any real, honest and tangible progress then leave a comment below and we shall see what tweaks/suggestions we can come up with to help you overcome that road block.

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