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Why seeing life like a computer game can open your mind.
Back in my youth I enjoyed a game or two.
Specifically the JRPG kind.
In the many hours playing them I learned some valuable lessons that carried over to life and today I’m going to share some with you in the hope that perhaps even just one may give you a different perspective on this game we call life.
☠️ – Died? No worries, have an Extra Life
Tomorrow being a new day is basically an extra life, or at least an attempt to do better than you did yesterday because you now have some knowledge and experience that you may have been missing before.
See each day as an extra life.
🧩 – Solve the puzzle when you have all the Pieces
In some great games you will happen upon a door, puzzle or set of tasks you’re ill-equipped to tackle, as such you make notes and move on to come back to it later when you’ve gotten everything you need.
Life is a lot like this, yet people will stress about not being able to solve their problem/puzzle instantly.
^^ You can thank the culture of participation medals and instant gratification for that.
Stress not, if you can’t solve something right now there is a good change you’re not meant to because you’re still missing something, so simply make notes,move forwards and come back to this problem later.
Just hope it’s not a hidden boss that is basically 9x harder than the final boss because that would suck major balls.
🌎 – Open World
Like a RPG real life is open world so go and explore because you’ll never complete the game by staying in the same place.
The best outcome you can hope for is to make the grind to 99 and be the strongest person in a low level area where nothing will challenge you and yo’ve only got 1-2skills or ever force you to grow beyond your current list of abilities.
Exploring the world will also help you solve more puzzles, gain new team mates (just watch out they don’t steal your materia).
👺 – Enemies are Real
While you won’t necessarily be taking lumps out of each other and drawing their HP to 0, you will have battles to face against much stronger opponents (mentally) who are at higher levels (older, more mature, better kit), however if you take on the challenge and overcome the boss/emeny at hand you will gain a level up, maybe two.
They might even drop a rare item (knowledge, a promotion, life hack or piece of the puzzle) that you will later use to wth great affect.
You will know who these people are because they will feel different to you. Sings a boss is approaching are as follows – life is going very well, you’re comfortable, the room has multiple heath, weapon, armour items and perhaps a save point.
🦹‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧝‍♀️ 💃 – Choosing your Party
You can choose who comes on the journey with you.
Much like setting uptake right team for a boss raid or perhaps even being forced to have a specific character in your team because of certain requirements, you’ll need to learn how to work well with others.
Remember that people will have skill you don’t.
You may be a crafty thief however when you need someone to summon the Dragon King to put an enemy to sleep you’ll find you’re not up to the task and will need to ask for help.
Be sure to keep your party healed and let them know how valuable they are to you, both as warriors and also friends.
🕸 – Watch out for Traps
If something is too good to be true it usually is.
Be that an offer from a person in the form of a platinum ticket who then later revealed themselves to be the god of death (or on that level), or a door that promises instant success.
These things are meant to test your resolve, some are to test your pride and unless you’re 100% ready to walk the walk you will be humbled, remember that.
Just because there is an easy option it doesn’t mean it’s the right one, and in the end it will cost you far more than it gives you in that moment.
🎪 – Mini-Games
Life isn’t all go go go, you will have plenty of opportunity to play a mini-game or two, so enjoy those when they come along, and if you can buy a gold ticket 30,000 Gil it will be worth it.
You’ll find that taking some time out to play and have fun can also give you some of the most valuable items you never knew you needed, yet while a championship belt is nice we all know the real prize worth having is the memories you shared on the Ride around the Gold Saucer.
^^ So be nice because even if you’re cold towards people the chances are they will still care about you, even if you don’t feel deserving of it, so I’ve away foolish pride and stubbornness because being along doesn’t make you strong, it just keeps you being alone.
😢 – Not everyone Stays
Sometimes to maven to the next crucial part of a game you must let go of a much loved character.
Be it from a sword through the back, a nobel sacrifice to protect a granddaughter and her new friends or the ultimate realisation that your own story is ended and soon you’ll fade away, just know it was worth it.
You will try to hold on to many people in life, perhaps a little too long.
Giving away the fear of loss and accepting that moving forwards sometimes requires doing so without your best friend, current love or dearest family member is hard to accept. Yet they wouldn’t want you to lament this parting of ways, chances are they want you to keep moving forwards, growing stronger and truly become one someone that create change in this life.
Relish the time you spend with people, the lesson you learn and memories you create because unlike a game you can’t replay life.
There you have it.
Some simple lessons from my gaming days of yesteryear.

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