The List

Living in the wonderful world of fitness it’s easy to get lost in the endless amount of poor information.
So many trying to stay relevant.
Clinging to their time in the sun because without their adoring fans they are nothing.
They’d even go as far as completely making stuff up.
Oh yes, you’d be amazed at how many fit-pro’s, influencers and alike will bend the truth to fit their narrative, or selectively pick the information they share.
All you need to it look and you can see it.
Take all the nutrition documentaries lately, all base and driving an agenda.
While many talk of health and a better lifestyle none actually tackle the elephant in the room; people bad habits and poor lifestyle choices.
Oh yes, the blame can often be placed on the person looking back at you in the mirror each morning.
This is another thing that our world will gloss over.
It’s easy to blame everything else for our issues, to seek out barriers and logical reasons for failure when in reality (at least 98% of the time) the fault is ours alone.
People moan about their life yet they won’t do anything to change the one consistent thing in it, themselves.
In regards to fitness related information there isn’t much more to share, not really.
You’d do far better looking into habit change, taking accountability, being responsible and general psychology if you would like to make progress in this life/world.
Of course many won’t.
Admitting our own fault or foolishness is too hard.
This then begs the question….
Why don’t you want to do that which you need to?
Looking at all the reasons why you won’t do something, all the excuses and justifications you use can be quite eye opening.
^^ Write them down.
Seriously, write down all the reasons you don’t do things.
Be honest with this list, even if you feel ashamed of some of the things you write down they’re still worth writing down because the first step to giving that attitude away is acknowledging it exists.
People will take the path of lease resistance.
The path that doesn’t make them feel bad.
Are you one of them?
Take your time with this list and tell the truth to yourself.

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