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Progress in Life, Lifting and Learning

There are a lot of things to remember when it comes to making progress in life.

Well, at least that’s what most would have you think.

Over the years these have been the glaring consistencies:

– Master the basics
– Failure is the best teacher
– More is rarely better, it’s just more

In regards to the first point, if you are looking at it in a fitness sense you’ll not really need more than the basics and while all the other options available are nice, they’re not necessary.

Squats, Presses, Pulls, Loaded Carries & Moving.

You don’t need much more from the gym, the rest you can gain outside of 2-3 sessions per week by partaking in various hobbies.

Life doesn’t need to be spent living in the gym.

A lesson it took me many failures to learn because of doing too much for too long and not getting anywhere that is where understanding less done better yields greater results than more just for the sake of more.

Live wise the above got in the way of experiencing it.

It’s a place many fall into, especially when they feel that by changing their look to gain more confidence, attention and self-love will be the answer, which of course it never is.

The reason for that is a simple one.

Just because you change who you are on the outside that doesn’t mean it will even scratch what you are on the inside.

The gym doesn’t change who you are, you do.

The gym is meant to help improve your life, not consume it.

If you’ve spent year in there training away and still feel no better in who you are then you’ve merely exchanged on prison and place to hide for another.

By all means train, move well, look good on the outside.

Just be sure to live and grow on the inside too.


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