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Do we even need standards?

How fit & strong are fit & strong enough?

Well the answer to that would be along the lines of; it depends. 

Personally I loath this as an answer because it doesn’t ever add anything to a conversation.

True enough we need context to be more accurate with our answers, so why don’t more people simply say; in what context?

As opposed to, it depends. 

Accountability, that’s why. If you take a leap and say anything these days someone will hold you accountable/responsible for their failure, injury or misfortune because they’re not mature enough to realise that 99% of the time the reason they’re in the shit is  because other own doing. 

It’s easy to blame someone, something or in fact anything else.

Also drawing a line in the sand as putting some form of minimum standard offends those why can’t achieve it. 

None of the offended ever ask why they can’t achieve a standard, instead the bitch whinge piss and moan until it’s lowered to the point where it’s not even a standard worth even attempting to achieve anymore. You can see this happening in the services/forces, they’re lowering ht barriers to entry to make things more inclusive and fair, very dangerous if you ask me. 

In the average persons life there are three kinds of strength that are needed:

  • Lifting things from the floor 
  • Carrying things for distance/time
  • Getting up from the floor

As for cardio these are the types we use in life:

  • Having the ability to sprint after a bus, up some stairs or away forms something without getting winded
  • Being able to walk for hour upon hours at a time without break 

Those for the majority of daily life needs when equated to fitness speak. 

To give some numbers to those based on lifts that the majority of people can do we get the following:

  • Deadlift  your BW at a minimum (ideally 2xBW)
  • Loaded Carry your BW for 60 seconds 
  • TGU with additional weight (ideally 25% BW, gold standard 50% BW)
  • Sprint 400m (ideally having a 3-5min high effort tank would be very useful)
  • Walk an hour easily without needing to stop 

Obviously these are arbitrary statistics, however being strong enough to shift your own body weight and ideally a little more on top will prove most useful in all aspects of daily life, and being able to move quickly every now and again won’t hurt either. As for low level activity without getting tired, well if you can do that then you’d probably do well to go see a Dr, ASAP.

What would you say can be considered fair as minimum strength/fitness standards for daily life?



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