Does that sound right?

Sometimes we forget to appreciate just how easy we have things.
Taking for granted everything that is in abundance for us.
Even in a first world if life is hard, it’s not that hard when you really look at how some other places have it.
Same goes for fitness.
We rarely appreciate what we have, taking it for granted until eventually it’s gone and we’re left wandering what happened.
Suddenly we’re old and decrepit, a shadow of our former selves.
You only miss what you have when it’s gone.
This you know, you’re fully aware of it, yet I reckon you still take a lot, perhaps too much for granted.
I know I have…. I do.
Chances are you’ve noticed my attitude towards training has changed over the years, well, I suppose that will depend on how long you’ve followed these ramblings.
While on a personal level I love all things highly technical and to the number, it’s not always the best way to move forwards.
Sure enough on paper it’s the most optimal, yet in reality and at that specific point in time it may not be the right path to follow.
Hence the shift towards simpler training principles that leave little to the imagination and provide people a simple choice – do the work or don’t.
Single lift training day.
Hitting 2-3 movements every 3-5 days varying their intensity.
Essentially doing less better than doing more worse.
Limiting the options we have really does force us to change.
Or at least find a way to progress.
Yesterday I was talking to a gourd of enthusiastic students and covering how to set up training days that allowed for high effort sessions and recovery ones.
One came out with a question about how this would apply to training muscle groups.
My answer was this – “It’ doesn’t matter, not really, you’re better off training the body based on movement patterns.”
It then dawned on me.
Looking at her face, l could see the discomfort because a belief or at least what is being taught to her currently got challenged and perhaps even contradicted it, and for many this is quite troubling because it leaves them unsure of ‘what they know’ which can affect their sense of self and confidence, all because we forget that sometimes a person might not know what you know because they’ve not lived the life you have up until this point.
“You cannot have the experience of being middle aged without living to be and living through being middle aged.”
I am guilty of forgetting that not everyone sees things the same way because they don’t know what I know.
Ironically I’ve been ‘them’, once upon a time thinking one way, confidently speaking out to be cut off and told differently without the person doing it explaining why, this is why not and on a personal note I will always try to expelling ‘why’ I answer as I do and the context behind it.
It’s easy to leave people hanging, yet it’s not right, because it doesn’t help them grow, and it shows that you’re still not too sure of your own knowledge/self and won’t give more just incase someone adds in something you might not have been aware of or another angle you didn’t consider.
Funny how we reflect on how we used to be.
No one person has infallible knowledge.
One lesson I learned a long time ago is that rather than being concerned with just being right for the sake of it and making the context/situation fit the need to be right, simply give the best answer you can for the question asked and always be willing to explore things further.
You should investigate this thoroughly.

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