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How Fashionable

As I begin to write the a wave of new people disembark from their train journey.
People of all shapes and sizes, ages, social standings & attitude – smiles, frowns, tears and laughter.
Out of this group the thing that interests me most, apart from how each person thinks/feels/is, has to be their attire.
With the exception of a few business woman in suits and workmen in high-vis, everyone else is in gym gear.
None look like they’ve been to the gym yet.
Sure enough some are off to the gym, others may go in lunch, yet it seems gym clothing is now very much standard clothing.
Speaking as someone who lives in gym clothing and has done for many years due to literally living and breathing all things fitness, it’s quite interesting to see.
Business in gym fashion truly has become lucrative.
Just hope over to IG, or any social media platform and you’ll find a whole host of people dropping you discount codes to their affiliations.
You see ladies leggings now that enhance their posterior chain with outstanding effect, truly the 8th wonder of the world.
Same is true for the chaps as well.
Tops cut to enhance a v-taper, give more illusion of broader shoulders, thicker chests and bigger arms.
You can’t help but applaud really.
Then you’ve still got scruff urchins like me in decades old shorts and moth eaten vests, true story.
What you wear in the gym doesn’t really matter so long as you can train productive, yet people really do put a lot of effort into what they wear.
These days the gym floor it’s more a fashion show than a place to progress.
What is it they say, men dress to impress the women, and the women dress impress the other women too 😆
What do you throw on when a session is in your daily plan?

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