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A little knowledge is dangerous, and a lot will leave you paralysed

Squats & press behind the neck, 2-3days per week.
That was the recommendation of Perry Rader in regards to abbreviated training (from reading Dinosaur Strength Training, by Brooks Kubik).
Just two simple movements.
Coming from a weightlifting bias you can see the logic.
Other people of that era also used to do very little, for example Bob Peoples would put in a lot of time deadlifting (many days per week).
Another chap, who’s name current escapes me, did pull ups everyday, even getting to the point of hammering out 200+ in single sets.
It wasn’t uncommon either for people to pick one lift and specialise in it for several weeks/months until they hit a new personal record with it, then move on to something else.
Being spoilt for choice with our training options, and training information seems to have left many people frustrated and lacking direction.
Even if they are to stumble across something that will work provided they’re consistent in their application of said protocol, many give up within a couple of weeks.
Often drawn in by something flashy and new.
I get it though, the allure of flitting from one thing to the next.
It keeps people interested, yet such an attitude also keeps them in the same place physically, and while some might be happy miring in the mud, it’s nothing more than a waste of time for most of us.
How long do you stick with a training program?
4 weeks or maybe even 12?
You could be one of the few who changes things daily due to getting bored too quickly.
The attitude of ‘something is better than nothing’ has been around for a long time, however that has been born form the modern working world where staff would rathe robe seen as simply being ‘busy’ than being productive.
Middle management with inferiority complexes pounce on staff that have stopped for even the briefest of moments.
Usually spouting some bullshit such as – “I can find something for you to do.”, good old micromanagement.
Well obviously, we can always find something to do however that doesn’t mean it’s productive, and in that case doing something is not better than doing nothing because it will often be done with a half assed attitude.
In fitness the above attitude leads people to treating themselves at night after they’ve successfully ‘done something’.
These are the same people who wonder why nothing ever seems to change and mentally they’re still stuck and unhappy.
A little consistency, dedication and mental toughness to stick with something will go a long way.
Dear readers, or those who’ve made it this far.
Does your training cover these three key elements:
– It is Consistent
– Has Progressive Overload Planned
– Enjoyment
While the first two are crucial, they’re often going to fall by the wayside if the last one isn’t present.
Do share your current training (and current training thoughts/philosophies) below.

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