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Take your own advice.

It’s fair to say that many of us who are embroiled in this life where the training tick has bitten and firmly taken hold, that we all see ourselves are ‘that exception’.

This is referring to the things that we would tell other people, or our would-be clients if we are trainers.

Yielding our hard earned knowledge to others for their betterment is something many are more than willing do.

You’ll find it’s often pretty sound advice too.

If followed then plenty of progress will occur, in every sense of the word, and if the goal of ‘becoming the best version of yourself’ is to be believed then no one with that attitude would want to stay in the same place.

Knowing this though, knowing what we do, we still see ourselves differently.

Take something I’ve been speaking about again recently.

– Train 2-3 days per week with purpose

This really works wonders for people, especially when combined with any of the training protocols/suggestions you’ll find trawling through the archives on here.

Yet in regards to myself, training less and recovering more is something I struggle with massively.

As such methods to force rest, recovery and not going near places to train gets put in place.

Even then that doesn’t always stop me.

Many other people are like this as well.

The say one thing and do another thing entirely because enterally they don’t put themselves in the same bracket as the person they’re giving the advice to.

Talk about ego.

Physiologically humans are not that different.

As such recovery tactics, training modalities, even understanding the fine balance of chemicals in our body that regulate life, mood, feelings and everything else can be (are already) understood to the point that if we apply that knowledge logically and perhaps with the idea of process & elimination, we’d do all right.

Yet, we ourselves struggle to apply our wisdom to the person ho probably needs it most.

Why don’t you listen to your own advice?

Genuine question.

What do you feel has taken you beyond the realm of all the people you connect with that means they should do things in XYZ way, yet you can do it differently because, well, you’re you.

It’s no wonder the general populous is frustrated.

Many go round in circles.

Habits are often the reason, in so much as when people go back to ‘what they know’ (even if it’s never really worked), it shows that they don’t trust in the process or plan/knowledge before them.

Same goes for you.

You don’t listen to your own advice because deep down you don’t really trust it, or perhaps you don’t have enough faith in your own ability, who knows.

When you read on here about ‘looking inwards’, it’s referring to being honest with yourself.

Setting aside pride, vanity and the person you try to portray you are to others and just being alone with yourself.

Often times you know what needs to be done (training wise).

Applying this knowledge, well, that’s the hard part.

You should investigate this thoroughly.


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