3 Reasons why you DON’T need to find what works for you.

You’ve probably heard someone say, or perhaps said yourself the immortal line of:
“Find what works for you/me” 🤔
While the sentiment is good this is more detrimental that it is useful when people are starting out because well at the beginner level you don’t know your ass from your elbow.
Sometimes literally…..
(I’ve known some rather unique people)
As such I’m going to give you some easy to understand reasons as to why finding what works for you doesn’t ever really find what works for you.
1 – Inconsistency & an excuse to give up 📜
First and foremost this attitude makes people as flakey as well cooked pastry.
Since they are trying to find their own unique style of training that is 100000% best for them they never stick at anything and instead pick training based on an emotional whim.
Often going for the shiny new method or what their bias sends them towards.
Ironically even if they do find what works for them it ends up working so well they stop and try something els because there must be something better out there which will get ever more results in a shorter time 🤦‍♀️
2 – Successful people follow a plan 📜
The reason so many programs have a generic ‘cookie cutter’ approach is because they’re based on the collective data from the majority.
Yes that means you.
Most of us fall in to that realm of just being ‘one of the many’, much to the dismay to the snowflakes of each generation.
Think of it this way, if you attend a Yoga class you follow the poses/flows and while minor adjustments are made to progress in the long run you follow the program and what is tough to you.
Same goes for martial arts, learning to paint, or anything else in life really.
Pretty much every person who achieves a level of success followed the wisdom and way of someone else until they understand enough about the basics and the underpinning principles to move forwards on their own.
True enough for some his too merely months to master, for others it took decades.
^^ You’d do well to live with the notion that you’re closer to the latter than the former.
3 – It’s an easy copout 📜
Did you know it’s far easier to tell someone to ‘find what works for them’ than it is to sit them down and try to have an objective conversation because most people just aren’t ready for that level of truth/depth.
True story. 🤗
Most people want to know what they want to know and already feel they know.
Take fat loss for example, if I was to tell you the most optimal way was to lift weights and adjust nutrition many would not like that answer.
As such they’d go off elsewhere until the found an answer that was acceptable to them.
This is what ‘finding what works for you’ gives to people.
Believe it or not we are not that unique, not really, and thinking we are is just the height of hubris.
Many have to earn the right tot truly program/train differently.
There are very few exceptions to this.
So there you have it, 3 reasons why instead of trying to find what works for you you’d be better off trying to focus on finding what works for the majority and going from there.

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