You aim too low

How is your training going?
I bet your answer is ‘F**king epic!’.
Well, at least I hope it is.
This pursuit of a better version of oneself is something that captivates many.
One things I’ve noticed over the years though is the level of denial many will have about what it is they want to achieve.
What do I mean by this?
Simply that people will put limits on telling people what they want to achieve, and perhaps even go so far as to tell themselves the same things.
I’ms sure you’ve heard people or perhaps you yourself have said things like this:
“I don’t want to get too big, it’s not a good look for me.”
“I’m not interested in being ripped, I just want to lose some weight.”
“Losing weight doesn’t bother me, I’m doing if for health.”
While the above may be true, I’ve often found when talking to people that not to be the case and these self limiting views come from a couple of main places.
1 – Not wanting to se the bar high and fail to reach it
2 – They don’t want to be viewed as vain or narcissistic.
Both of the above as you can see are based on worrying about what everyone else will think.
A vicious cycle many fall in to.
We put a lot of stock in the opinions of other people, even if we claim we don’t.
Many need to approval of the group.
This isn’t a bad thing you know, it’s human nature.
The only problem with it these days is that the group is no longer a small one, it’s potentially in the thousands.
Just look at Instagram models, they need to keep their audience happy otherwise, poof, gone and forgotten.
In our earliest days our groups would be small, simply because of the way we lived. The tribe was much smaller, as such the opinions we needed for validation was only a select few in number.
Not now though.
Now we need to appease the mob,sad times.
Talking about goals and appeasing the mob, what are yours?
What physical prowess do you wish to achieve?
As a youngster, like many I wanted to become a fighter, to have that look, that athletic ability, essentially the classic martial arts physique.
Luckily my inner circle has always been just one person in size, I guess there is benefit to being an outcast.
How big is yours?
Knowing this will lead you to understand just how much approval you need in regards to your goals.
Also give some though to your goals.
Are they set at a low level so that you have an acceptable margin for failure or have you decided to aim high because bollocks to what everyone else thinks?
Food for thought.

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