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***6 Steps to Solid Sessions***

No long monologue today.
Time to get straight in to the good stuff, easy to follow steps to create training worthy of the gods.
Well, maybe not the gods, at least legendary hero though.
The structure of session I will use as an example in each is as follows:
W/U – warm up, potentiation biased
Skill – learning something new, refining technique etc
Main – building strength and lean mass (muscular bits)
Accessory – often within main element (weak points)
Conditioning – can be for CV or addition to main/acc
C/D – cool down, CNS optimisation bias
Let’s go.
Step 1 – Movement first.
Simple as it sounds many lack any large amount of movement based exercises in their training, as such you are going to want to make sure you get this down first.
You will have something movement related in every session, it can be for warm up/cool down, skill acquisition, main exercises, conditioning or accessory (weak point) purposes, however it will be there every session.
W/U – Leopard Crawl 100m – 5min
Skill – Loaded carry medley – atlas stones – 15min
Main (strength) – Sandbag clean, carry and load -20min
Accessory (postural) – SA Waiters walk – 10min
Conditioning – Farmers Walk & Suicides – 5min
C/D – Yoga Flow – 5min*
*If you’ve trained in the PM a Yoga flow surrounding internal torque will trigger the para-sympathetic nervous system, if you hit the gym int he AM then you’ll need one focused on external torque.
You get the idea, yo’d have one movement related element in each session, you can of course have a full session of movement like the above as well.
That’s the first step done covered.
Movement is life, quite literally in most cases.
Giving it the attention it deserves in your training will yield results beyond what you ever expected, trust me, it’s totally worth it.
Until next time.

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