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Thrusters for Fun

Not going to lie, I just smashed out a wall of text for a post elsewhere.

As such I am going to keep this one nice and short.

If you want to read the wall of text then head over to Gains Central 🤗

Below you’ll find one of my favourite lifts for getting in a solid session in less than 20min.

To be fair CrossFit paired it with pull ups and called their monstrosity Fran.

Thrusters – 95lbs
Pull Ups
Do it as fast as possible, lay down, die.

^^ When this was created it was based on the principle of 21 was the max amount of reps achieved (momentary muscle failure), then 15 was next, then 9 and so on.

These days people can hammer through Fran with little issue.

Anyway, enough about Fran, let’s talk about thrusters.

A front squat followed by a press.

This is a movement that hits pretty much everything.

Give me 20min and I can use this lift and nail myself with it.

Here are 5 options for a 20min thruster session (this includes the warm up).

1 – Rep Ladder OMEM

Say you load the bar with BW, do one thruster on the first minute, the two on the second, three on the third and so on, until you do twenty at the end.

If you miss the reps on a minute then take the next one as rest and start over with the number you failed on.

2 – Weight Ramp

Star tog off with the bar and then add 5-10kg, or whatever every set and go as high as you possible can.

If you miss set (do 3-5 reps per set), drop the load by 25% and start over from here adding weight as before.

3 – 30/30

Pick a load (you can increase it as you go if you wish, I like BW for this).

Do 30 seconds of thrusters, then rest for 30 seconds.

Repeat until 20min is up.

4 – Breathing Thrusters

You will pick a load, start off light.

Each set will be 20 reps broken down like this:

10 reps then stand and hold the weight, 5 deep breathes, 5 more reps, 10 deep breathes, last 5 reps, then drop the bar, add load and repeat for the remainder of the 20min.

5 – Time drops

Pick a load and do the following.

5min of continuous thrusters, then 3min rest.
4min of continuous thrusters, then 2min rest.
3min of continuous thrusters, then 1min rest.
2min of continuous thrusters, then lay down & die.

There you have it, a one movement wonder.

You don’t have to use thrusters, you can sue plenty of over movements, however there is something about this particular spawn of satan that hold a special place in my heart.

Much like sitting outside a coffee shop in the summer with a friend and laughing at elderly people who can’t parallel park with no remorse of hesitation, ah, good times.

Yep, I’m going to hell, meh, it happens.


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