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4,8,12 or 16 week challenge

Last night I had a thought.
I’m sure many of you have done the 10,000 swing challenge before.
What else have you applied it to though?
Logically there are movements that will work well with this target of reps, and others not so much.
The swing variation is to be done in 4 weeks.
Extremely manageable.
The high frequency of sessions (5 a week) is also great for grooving a movement pattern.
4 weeks isn’t the gospel truth though, you can take longer, as such that is how you can apply different lifts successfully.
In the 4 week block you are looking ideally to train 5 days per week, hitting 500 reps a day.
If you want to stretch it to 8 weeks then you’d be hitting 250reps per session, based on 5 sessions per week.
Over 12 weeks it would be 166.7 reps a day.
Now since that is an irritating number to me I’d round it up, probably, 167.
Still annoying though 😟
However if you got for 16 weeks, well that give you 125reps per session and now you can start to apply it to a lot more lifts.
An 8 week block you might be able to do Pistols, Push Presses, Jerks, Renegade Rows, Inverted Rows, Clean & Jerks to name a few.
^^ All kettlebell movements by the way, you can use dumbbells also.
The 16 week one might be better suited to things such as pull ups, some barbell movements.
I’m sure you get the idea.
As you can see it’s a nice way to give yourself a little challenge if you don’t have the spare cash to hire a full time coach.
If you were going to program it this would be the formula to follow.
Warm up flow – pick one
A1 – 10,000 rep challenge lift
B1 – Push/Pull/Squat/Hinge/Carry/Sprint (pick one)- 5×5
Cool down flow – pick one
Since you’re doing 5 sessions a week the main movement will be done each session, for an accessory lift you can pick any exercise your choose from the basic movement patterns.
Of course it doesn’t have to be 5×5, however when I’ve done this personally that worked very well.
You could pick different rep ranges each time, it generally doesn’t matter.
Say you had Pistols as the 10,000 rep challenge movement.
The accessory ones might be Bench Press, Pull Up, Farmers Walk and a Deadlift on the mix every other week, the options are endless.
This kind of thing is more about having fun with it and giving yourself some short term focus.
When it comes to breaking down he main lift, the reps and sets are up to you.
You might do 10’s, 5’s, wave’s, ladders or one mammoth set of unbroken reps because you’re a monster.
Give the above some thought and if it takes your fancy, give it a go.
If not, search previous posts, you’ll find a lot of other programs on this page.

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“A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.”

That quote has never been more true.

In the world of instant information anyone can spout something that ‘sounds right’ and end up causing a lot of potential harm, especially in training/nutrition.

To help you avoid falling in to the trap and also of simply searching for what you want to hear keep these points in mind.

– Ask the reason why they think as they do.

– Request proof of claim where possible.

– Seek out more info instead of a single answer to confirm your bias.

Remember that everyone can have an opinion or a view on something, however you’re not to confuse these with facts or truth.

Just a short post to keep you thinking.


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